Wednesday, November 26, 2014

thanksgiving inspo.

we are beyond excited to be hosting our first ever thanksgiving!

since the four of us are currently one big happy family living under the same roof at jenna & wes' house, we thought it was only fitting that we host. there will be twelve of us this year so we decided to go pot-luck style and have everyone bring their favorite dish.

we have already determined the menu, the decor and even the signature drink {if you've been reading our other posts i'm sure you already know what it is!}

here is a peak of the pins we've found to get us inspired and ready to take on the day flawlessly. {wish us luck!}
All images can be found on our thanksgiving pinterest board

we have so many things to be thankful for this year including all of you!

we hope everyone has an amazing day with family and friends and eat absurd amounts of delicious food!

tater & tot

Monday, November 24, 2014

turkey day style

thanksgiving is probably one of our favorite holidays because it's no surprise we love food. but it's also a time to get together with loved ones, reflect on our blessings, and simply enjoy the day. and being stylish this holiday doesn't mean you can't be comfy, too. an over-sized sweater, boyfriend jeans, booties and great accessories will do just the trick. we are also loving burgundy this season and any chance to sport this hue.

turkey day style

hope you have a fabulous monday and find your perfect turkey day style! in the meantime, we are busy getting organized to host our first thanksgiving...details coming soon!

tater & tot

Thursday, November 20, 2014


four years ago a new tradition began. our worlds changed for the better. tater and tot was born. "shout" became our new anthem. and beer, wine and braats are eaten in excess for one weekend out of the year. 

we call it OKTOBERFEST.

{if you live in washington and have never been you are truly missing out!} 

tater's in-laws live in leavenworth, wa and they are always the hostess' with the mostest. there is always a plethora of homemade food, warm towels and cold beer waiting for us upon arrival. they organize transportation, have midnight snacks waiting on the stove, and let us bring all our friends from california and washington with us {last year we fit 27 people in their house}!

the first year we went we looked around as we were getting ready and realized everyone was wearing plaid. hence the tradition of oktoberfest plaid began {some people get all fancy on us and dress up in traditional oktoberfest outfits, but we are far too lazy for that, besides we love plaid}!

some of our most favorite memories come from oktoberfest. it's always a long forty-eight hours and takes us days to recover from the amount of food and alcohol that is ingested, but we look forward to it every year and the planning usually starts months in advance {we like to build up the anticipation}.

{the famous biddle dog 'Buddy' who wandered from the property and ended up at the humane society to be claimed by someone other than the biddle's. he was finally reunited with the family right before this trip. to read more see free buddy}
{the amazing property that the biddle's own}
{the crew-can you believe this is the smallest one out of all 4 years??}

the chance to get together at the Biddle's house, drink beer out of steins, wine out of plastic glasses with lids {hello, can we say genius?!} and dance the night away makes this one of our favorite traditions ever.

is it october 2015 yet?!

tater & tot

Monday, November 17, 2014


today we are kicking off our week of traditions, starting with sunday dinners! as we get older, we are realizing how much traditions mean to us. especially when you think about wanting your {future} children to follow in your foot steps.

every sunday, we are determined to try a new recipe from our pinterest boards {tot's board // tater's board}. we both love to cook and since we are co-habitating at the moment, it's fun to cook together and have a formal dinner in the dining room with the boys. since the seahawks take over most sundays, we will be doing most of the cooking {duh}, but we are challenging them to come up with something at least once a month {but ours will obviously be better}.

this sunday's meal:
chicken mozarella pasta with sundried tomatoes. rosemary olive oil bread. and tomato and cucumber arugula salad.

{main ingredients}
{tomato, cucumber and arugula salad}
pour a bit of olive oil over arugula once in bowl, sprinkle with sea salt. add tomatoes, cucumber and 1-2 pours of white balsamic vinegar to bowl. add pepper. serve.
{rosemary olive oil toasted bread}

the dinner was delish and easy to make! we will definitely be making this again soon.

stay tuned to find out what our next new tradition is!

tater & tot

Thursday, November 13, 2014


last saturday we had some free time while the boys went out to run errands for the seahawks tailgate, so we decided to do brunch {and by brunch we mean an excuse to drink mimosas}. fresh bistro in west seattle is one of the most under-rated brunch spots in our neighborhood. their food is amazing, fresh {hence the name} and healthy. they even use fresh squeezed oj in their mimosas.

{fresh squeezed oj mimosas // yukon gold potato hash, with hollandaise on the side}

it was a beautiful crisp fall day, so we decided to walk off our brunch afterwards at lincoln park. yet another west seattle gem that most people forget about since alki beach is so famous. it's a great place to go for a stroll, have a picnic, or in our case, take some pretty awesome photos.

{what tot wore}
jeans // sweater: american eagle outfitters // black tee // aldo booties }
{beanie // f21 rings // pendant necklace // triangle pendant}

{what tater wore}
{necklace // jacket: anthropologie-sold out // jeans // shoes - similar }

tomorrow is FRI-YAY! hope you all have a great weekend!

tater & tot

Monday, November 10, 2014

canadian souvenir.

during our vancouver shopping trip, we both came across the same top {duh}. we obviously couldn't leave without a canadian souvenir, so we bought them. two of them. yes we live together and could have just bought one, but where is the fun in that. the boys thought we were lame because it didn't say vancouver, but we didn't care, because it's the thought that counts and tater and tot LOVE canada!

{how goregous was this sunset? the perfect fall day}
{cardigan / pants: AG jeans } // {hat similar / booties: forever 21 / sweater similar}
{aldo booties}
p.s. have you tried the helium lite app?  we made this video while sitting in line at the border. we literally cried we were laughing so hard. have fun!

tater & tot

Friday, November 7, 2014

tot's dirty thirty.

week before last we decided to venture up north to vancouver, b.c. for a short twenty four hours for tot's dirty thirty {because what better way to celebrate thirty than reliving the glory days of turn around trips}.

tater had never been, and was excited to explore new territory outside washington. we needed to make the most of our twenty four hours so that afternoon we shopped, sipped on starbucks, and hid out from the torrential downpour.

after shopping we headed back to the hotel and got ready to hit the town. we ventured to yaletown, a darling neighborhood lined with bars and restaurants all equipped with outside patio's and plastic shields for rainy days like the one we were experiencing. twinkle lights, smiling faces and really good fashion sense took over the streets and we were in love {we convinced each other we were ready to move, right then and there and then we were reminded of our realities, and were quickly brought back to earth}.

we stopped into "the distillery kitchen + bar" for a drink where the specialty cocktails are served in crystal tumblers and they bottle all their own liquor in house, including espresso infused vodka! we made friends with the bartender and he invited us back for a late night drink freebie {which we obviously took him up on}.

after drinks, we had reservations at this awesome restaurant called "the parlour" which featured wood fired pizza, the most amazing bruschetta {we're talking texas toast as the base people, TEXAS TOAST} and meatball sliders on mini brioche rolls. need we say more??

after we stuffed our faces at dinner, we stumbled into the "tavern at the new oxford" where we played skee ball for hours with the locals and wes dominated the game with the highest score of the night.

{texas toast bruschetta}
{jalapeno vodka bloody mary // mini meatball sliders // specialty cocktails}
{the ah-maze-ing view from our hotel room at the blue horizon hotel}
{yes, those are mimosas in a can and an espresso infused vodka shot from "the distillery"}
the next day, we sadly traveled back across the border and made our way home for a lazy sunday curled up on the couch, {mimosa in hand}, watching the seahawks game.

the eating and drinking didn't stop there...tot's mom came over to make dinner and surprised us with a tasty treat {besides the red velvet ice cream cake}...fireball apple cider! this WILL be served on thanksgiving. without. a. doubt. {obviously she knows the way to our hearts}

{fireball cider - we added fresh cranberries and a cinnamon stick to stir}

all in all, it was another fantastic trip, no matter how short.

have a fabulous weekend! we will busy working on our next post!

tater & tot

Monday, November 3, 2014

northwest style.

oh, hi. welcome to tater & tot style!
a lifestyle blog brought to you from Seattle, Wa by two fashion obsessed style hunters who love a good bargain, having fun, and everything in between {to find out more about us and how we got our name, read here}.

how we met:
we met through nicole's husband nate, who went to high school with jenna and her husband. at first, we were simply acquaintances who saw each other once a year for the occasional wedding or annual trip with their friend group in california. over time, we realized how similar we really our love for fashion, food, and the word duh. since tater just moved to seattle from orange country we decided to put our two styles together and create a blog!

about tot {jenna}:
as some of you may know, jenna has had a style blog for a couple years now called obsessions of a shopaholic. she has a full time job in the fashion industry as an assistant buyer, but uses her spare time to blog about her style obsessions. she just got married and her blog was put to the wayside during the planning process. but now that she is officially a mrs. it was time to start blogging again...and this time she is excited to team up with her other, other half, tater!

about tater {nicole}:
nicole was married in june, went on her honeymoon, moved in with her husband and moved to seattle in august. {it's been a wild few months!} she misses her family and friends everyday but is excited to explore all things Washington. she has a degree in fashion marketing and management and is currently looking for a job in her field while getting adjusted to her new surroundings {especially the weather}. this blog is the creative outlet she needed and tot is the perfect person to do it with!

we thought we would start our first post with a little flannel to properly welcome tater to the pacific northwest. because what's seattle without a little grunge...

 {what tot wore}
black jeans // tank: nordstrom, b.p. // flannel: urban outfitters // shoes // watch: michael kors

{what tater wore}
denim shorts // graphic tee: asos // flannel: forever 21 // booties (similar) // sunglasses // watch 

we are SO excited to share our style tips and tricks with you. so tell all your friends that you just found the best blog EVER!

tater & tot