Monday, November 10, 2014

canadian souvenir.

during our vancouver shopping trip, we both came across the same top {duh}. we obviously couldn't leave without a canadian souvenir, so we bought them. two of them. yes we live together and could have just bought one, but where is the fun in that. the boys thought we were lame because it didn't say vancouver, but we didn't care, because it's the thought that counts and tater and tot LOVE canada!

{how goregous was this sunset? the perfect fall day}
{cardigan / pants: AG jeans } // {hat similar / booties: forever 21 / sweater similar}
{aldo booties}
p.s. have you tried the helium lite app?  we made this video while sitting in line at the border. we literally cried we were laughing so hard. have fun!

tater & tot

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