Thursday, November 20, 2014


four years ago a new tradition began. our worlds changed for the better. tater and tot was born. "shout" became our new anthem. and beer, wine and braats are eaten in excess for one weekend out of the year. 

we call it OKTOBERFEST.

{if you live in washington and have never been you are truly missing out!} 

tater's in-laws live in leavenworth, wa and they are always the hostess' with the mostest. there is always a plethora of homemade food, warm towels and cold beer waiting for us upon arrival. they organize transportation, have midnight snacks waiting on the stove, and let us bring all our friends from california and washington with us {last year we fit 27 people in their house}!

the first year we went we looked around as we were getting ready and realized everyone was wearing plaid. hence the tradition of oktoberfest plaid began {some people get all fancy on us and dress up in traditional oktoberfest outfits, but we are far too lazy for that, besides we love plaid}!

some of our most favorite memories come from oktoberfest. it's always a long forty-eight hours and takes us days to recover from the amount of food and alcohol that is ingested, but we look forward to it every year and the planning usually starts months in advance {we like to build up the anticipation}.

{the famous biddle dog 'Buddy' who wandered from the property and ended up at the humane society to be claimed by someone other than the biddle's. he was finally reunited with the family right before this trip. to read more see free buddy}
{the amazing property that the biddle's own}
{the crew-can you believe this is the smallest one out of all 4 years??}

the chance to get together at the Biddle's house, drink beer out of steins, wine out of plastic glasses with lids {hello, can we say genius?!} and dance the night away makes this one of our favorite traditions ever.

is it october 2015 yet?!

tater & tot

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