Friday, November 7, 2014

tot's dirty thirty.

week before last we decided to venture up north to vancouver, b.c. for a short twenty four hours for tot's dirty thirty {because what better way to celebrate thirty than reliving the glory days of turn around trips}.

tater had never been, and was excited to explore new territory outside washington. we needed to make the most of our twenty four hours so that afternoon we shopped, sipped on starbucks, and hid out from the torrential downpour.

after shopping we headed back to the hotel and got ready to hit the town. we ventured to yaletown, a darling neighborhood lined with bars and restaurants all equipped with outside patio's and plastic shields for rainy days like the one we were experiencing. twinkle lights, smiling faces and really good fashion sense took over the streets and we were in love {we convinced each other we were ready to move, right then and there and then we were reminded of our realities, and were quickly brought back to earth}.

we stopped into "the distillery kitchen + bar" for a drink where the specialty cocktails are served in crystal tumblers and they bottle all their own liquor in house, including espresso infused vodka! we made friends with the bartender and he invited us back for a late night drink freebie {which we obviously took him up on}.

after drinks, we had reservations at this awesome restaurant called "the parlour" which featured wood fired pizza, the most amazing bruschetta {we're talking texas toast as the base people, TEXAS TOAST} and meatball sliders on mini brioche rolls. need we say more??

after we stuffed our faces at dinner, we stumbled into the "tavern at the new oxford" where we played skee ball for hours with the locals and wes dominated the game with the highest score of the night.

{texas toast bruschetta}
{jalapeno vodka bloody mary // mini meatball sliders // specialty cocktails}
{the ah-maze-ing view from our hotel room at the blue horizon hotel}
{yes, those are mimosas in a can and an espresso infused vodka shot from "the distillery"}
the next day, we sadly traveled back across the border and made our way home for a lazy sunday curled up on the couch, {mimosa in hand}, watching the seahawks game.

the eating and drinking didn't stop there...tot's mom came over to make dinner and surprised us with a tasty treat {besides the red velvet ice cream cake}...fireball apple cider! this WILL be served on thanksgiving. without. a. doubt. {obviously she knows the way to our hearts}

{fireball cider - we added fresh cranberries and a cinnamon stick to stir}

all in all, it was another fantastic trip, no matter how short.

have a fabulous weekend! we will busy working on our next post!

tater & tot


  1. Well this looks like THE BEST FREAKING TIME EVER.

  2. Ashten, it was SO much fun! When you guys come visit, you def need to make your way up to Vancouver! It's an amazing city! xo.