Monday, November 17, 2014


today we are kicking off our week of traditions, starting with sunday dinners! as we get older, we are realizing how much traditions mean to us. especially when you think about wanting your {future} children to follow in your foot steps.

every sunday, we are determined to try a new recipe from our pinterest boards {tot's board // tater's board}. we both love to cook and since we are co-habitating at the moment, it's fun to cook together and have a formal dinner in the dining room with the boys. since the seahawks take over most sundays, we will be doing most of the cooking {duh}, but we are challenging them to come up with something at least once a month {but ours will obviously be better}.

this sunday's meal:
chicken mozarella pasta with sundried tomatoes. rosemary olive oil bread. and tomato and cucumber arugula salad.

{main ingredients}
{tomato, cucumber and arugula salad}
pour a bit of olive oil over arugula once in bowl, sprinkle with sea salt. add tomatoes, cucumber and 1-2 pours of white balsamic vinegar to bowl. add pepper. serve.
{rosemary olive oil toasted bread}

the dinner was delish and easy to make! we will definitely be making this again soon.

stay tuned to find out what our next new tradition is!

tater & tot


  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to do a Sunday family dinner. I think that looks like so, so much fun. And the food looks delish!

  2. Ashten! you should totally start! it's so fun...especially in the fall when the weather gets crappy :) the pasta was SO GOOD and SO EASY!