Wednesday, December 10, 2014

girls just wanna have funds.

hi dolls, it's tot {aka, jenna} here!

ok, so how much are you dying over all the graphic tees/sweaters out there right now? well i am.

i am completely obsessed with this trend and almost fell over when i saw this "girls just want to have fund$" shirt. i knew that very second that it had to be mine. it helps that the material is soft and super yummy {when being stylish, why not be comfy, too}.

i realize that most people reading the shirt {primarily men and especially my husband, wes} will probably roll their eyes at the thought of women caring only about $$, but i for one work hard for my fund$ {and i'm proud of it}! part of the reason that i love fashion so much is the thrill i get from buying something new when you know you've earned it. not to mention how great it feels to add some new treasures to your wardrobe.

{ leather jacket / pants / top / beanie / boots }

happy hump day!


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