Friday, December 12, 2014

leavenworth tree lighting.

last weekend we made our way to leavenworth {yes, again-we just can't get enough} for the annual tree lighting ceremony. it snowed the night before so the drive over the pass was gorgeous and a bit scary with wes behind the wheel {although he didn't seem to think so}.

upon arrival, we bundled up and ventured into town mid day to check out the festivities before the tree lighting.

first stop: the gooseridge winery for some spiced mulled wine! the boys headed over to icicle brewery as the mulled wine wasn't quite manly enough for them.

{tot's beanie - similar / tater's beanie}

after our tummy's were nice and warm, we decided we needed something to nosh on. and what better than a GIANT helping of curly fries! i honestly think they were the best thing we had ever tasted...or maybe we were just really hungry. either way, it was a successful day of eating and drinking! {hard to have a bad day when food and wine are involved}

{this picture does not do the curly fries justice!}
{tot scarf - similar / tater jacket}
{it's clearly hard for us to be serious!}

{amazing backdrop}

{the boys LOVE making fun of us!}
by the time the tree lighting was to begin, we were freezing and ready to be inside the house toasting next to the fire, but as soon as the town lite up it was all worth it.

{not a single piece of real estate went undecorated}

all in all it was another great trip to our favorite bavarian town...and as always, shout out to mr. & mrs. biddle for hosting us {but especially thanks for the homemade seafood gumbo and the amazing cinnamon rolls}. we will be back again soon!

have a fabulous weekend everyone!

tater & tot

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