Friday, January 30, 2015


it's finally FRIDAYYYYYY!!! {can you tell i'm excited?!}

these pictures were taken last weekend before we celebrated my brother in laws birthday in tacoma. by the way i have never been out there before and i have to say it's so cute. lots of old brick buildings with a ton of character.

i am currently obsessed with high waist denim and these are perfect. they are super comfy and have a great stretch to them all while holding their shape which is super important. the worst is when you wear a pair of jeans and a few hours later you have saggy butt {ladies, you know exactly what i am talking about}. an ongoing obsession of mine is this vintage concho belt which i got a long time ago off ebay. i LOVE it. it's great with dresses, shorts, jeans, you name it.


{jeans // top // sweater - similar  // hat - similar // belt - vintage // shoes - old}



 the boys are away so the girls will play. 

they left us behind and went to arizona for the super bowl. {slightly jealous} but it's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend here in seattle so we are going to make the most of it. {i'm sure wine and or champs will be involved at some point} and of course we will be watching the game on sunday, which i may or may not already have a little anxiety over.

go hawks!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

casual saturday.

the sun decided to show herself over the weekend so i instantly took advantage of wearing this pale pink sweater and flats to run some errands downtown. as i already mentioned in my sporty chic post, flats are all the rage and i seem to have purchased one in every version. this perforated detail on the shoes and bag is also a huge trend for spring i am loving {the devil's in the details after all}.

{sweater: nordstrom rack // shirt // necklace }

{tote // shoes}
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hope you are all having a great week. if it's anything like mine, you're ready for the weekend :)


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

jamberry nail wraps {giveaway}.

we received some jamberry samples to try on our nails and we were really excited to add some sparkle and print to our every day mani. we loved the idea that we could do this at home instead of having to go to the salon. essentially, they are just stickers that conform to your nail with a bit of heat from a blow dryer. they come in over 250 colors and pattern options and include everything you need to apply them {blow dyer not included, lol}. we have to admit, putting them on was not as easy as we thought, as you really have to have patience and a friend to help with your right hand. but overall, we loved the prints and the fact that we didn't have to wait for our nails to dry after we were done. another option is to use regular polish on your nails and leave an accent nail open for your jamberry print. this is a fun and easy way to update any look!

a jamberry rep has been generous enough to offer one of our lucky readers a chance to win a set of nail wraps for one lucky follower! to enter our giveaway you must comment below and leave your instagram or email  by Wednesday 1/28. winner will be picked by random and announced on 1/29.

check out their website for more information on jamberry! also, this youtube video helps explain the process along with some tips and tricks {note, you don't need everything they list, you can use a blow dyer instead of heater and any kind of scissors. they provide everything else. and we didn't feel the need to use cuticle oil}.

good luck!

tater & tot

Friday, January 23, 2015

spring fashion trends 2015.

we are loving the spring 15' trends and here are a few of our all-time favs. between the come back of the sneaker, the continuation of florals, and flirty/feminine silhouettes, we can't wait to start wearing our spring threads!

1. pastels. especially pale pinks.
2. sneakers. athletic and slip on in fun colors and prints.
3. stripes. a spring staple.
4. florals. try mixing a stripe and floral together.
5. statement jewelry. add some flare to any peice with a bold neck or ear.
6.. all white everything. crisp, classic and never out of style.

tater & tot

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

yes we're girls, and we like football.

sunday was the nfc championship game against the seahawks and packers {in case you were living under a rock}. we are both huge seahawk fans so naturally were stoked to be seeing the hawks play for the conference title once again. we weren't so excited however for the rain and wind that was to ensue on sunday so we decided to make it a morning time decision on whether or not we would go down to meet the boys at the tailgate. we didn't have tickets so if we made the trek down there we wanted to be able to watch it at a bar, which we knew would be insanely crowded.

sunday morning: 8am we text each other to make a decision {yes we are only separated by one floor and no we didn't get out of bed to have this conversation in person}. we were both exhausted and not quite awake yet so the texts went on for about 20 minutes as neither of us could make a decision. finally, tater says "let's pretend we are young again and just go with the flow" as if we are old ladies, but that was all we needed to get us up and moving around.

as we left for the tailgate it was actually quite pleasant outside...the calm before the storm if you will. when we got to the tailgate the energy was off the chain. music was blaring, fire pits were roaring, and jello shots were being passed to the masses. we only lasted 30 minutes before the torrential downpour and 40 mph wind gusts began and we instantly wondered if we should have stayed home in our pj's on the couch. but no, we are seahawks fans, and seahawks fans tailgate in the pouring rain, huddled under a tent that's about to blow over screaming SEA....HAWKS! over and over again until the rain finally subsides.

some friends were at a nearby bar so we met up with them and quickly found a table to our surprise. the bar was and blue was everywhere and of course we checked out every girl to see what new cute gear she had on. the first half of the game was a joke.  the third quarter wasn't any better and by the time wilson threw his last interception of the night, we said game over. but we weren't about to leave and then suddenly, with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter, things turned around, the stars aligned and it was destiny. they won the game and they were going back to the super bowl {tears may have been shed, not gonna lie}. the bar went bananas. people we didn't even know where hugging us, we were jumping up and down screaming, and we thought we may die of a heart attack from the suspense. it was the most incredible come back in all of nfl championship history and it was our team.

it wasn't the best game, actually it was probably the most awful game they had played in quite some time, but it's not how you start, it's how you finish...and they weren't giving up, and neither are we!

{huddled under the tent hiding from the rain}
{only in the northwest}
{it's not a tailgate without a little beer pong}
{henry's tavern}
{we couldn't contain our excitement}

{total chaos in the bar. it was absolutely insane and the most amazing day} 
go hawks! bring it on tom brady!

tater and tot

Monday, January 19, 2015

a look back at 2014.

what an amazing year it was! so many exciting things happened in our lives and we are just in the beginning stages of sharing them with you. since we weren't around until november, here's a recap of how we spent last year. to say we were busy would be an understatement!

wes finished jenna's dream closet.
the planning begins for nicole's wedding.

the seahawks won the superbowl.
jenna went wedding dress shopping and found the one.

tater and tot take palm springs for wes's 30th bday.
jenna and wes took their engagement photos on a freezing cold forty degree day {while in a white dress, suede boots, and a leather jacket}

jenna went on a trip to woodinville, wa wine tasting on the official seahawks motor coach.
nicole's celebrated her birthday.

jenna traveled to the bay area for her cousins's wedding.
nicole's bridal shower.
cruise to mexico for nicole's bachelorette party.

nicole & nate say i do.
spent ten glorious days in jamaica for their honeymoon.

jenna had her first of two bridal showers.
celebrated jenna's bachelorette party in lake tahoe.

nate and nicole sadly say goodbye to california and move to seattle for a new adventure.
jenna's second bridal shower in gig harbor.
tater takes palm springs. again.

jenna & wes tied the knot.
first seahawks tailgate and game.
nicole travels back home for a wedding.

indian summer in seattle continued with alki beach bike rides
tater takes san francisco.
leavenworth for the fourth annual oktoberfest.
chopped our hair off. eek.
celebrated jenna's 30th birthday in vancouver, b.c.

hosted our first ever thanksgiving.
first snow fall of the season.
tater takes montana.
jenna and wes got a new car.
launched our first post on tater and tot style. woo hoo.

nicole tried not to die of the freezing cold weather. she is still struggling with this one.
remodeled the kitchen.
nicole gets a job. finally.
annual leavenworth tree lighting.
said goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015.

can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us and we are excited to take you along with us on the journey!

tater & tot

Friday, January 16, 2015

sporty chic.

the sporty look is all over the place, and i for one am loving it.  this is my go-to weekend style as of late and i'm hoping it sticks around. add a sneaker to your favorite black jeans and your ensemble becomes sporty, yet still fashionable. this also promotes a more healthy lifestyle when you feel like you can run errands for hours because your feet aren't aching from the uncomfortable shoes we put ourselves through most of the time. the key to pulling off this look is to find a sneaker that is dark and goes with most denim or dark pants, and adding in elements that are casual, yet trendy. {see other sneaker options below}.

jacket // pants // beanie // nikes: nordstrom rack // shirt: vs pink }
{other sneaker options here and here}

p.s. these frends headphones are amaze...they sound outrageous and who says your tech accessories can't be chic, too?

have a fab weekend! go hawks!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

mad about plaid.

being a california girl i own zero coats. literally zero. {what we consider coats in california and what they consider coats in seattle are two different things...i learned this quickly} i also found out that people actually change out their wardrobes. they have one for summer and one for winter. i mean i have obviously heard of this before but never thought that people actually did these things. needless to say i still wear tank tops {only because its about seventy percent of my wardrobe} i just layer my clothes. a lot. and i'm still cold.

i have been on the hunt for the perfect seattle proof coat since i moved. i bought my first long puffy jacket from forever 21 thinking it would do the trick. ya i was wrong. and i should have known that it wouldn't keep me warm when i got the register and it was only thirty dollars. i'm still learning.

so the other week i stumbled upon this plaid flannelish perfection from a little boutique downtown. and yes, i already know what you are thinking. this isn't a coat. it won't keep you warm. or protect you from the rain. or the forty degree temps we have been experiencing {and that's warm for these people!} but it is warm and it's over sized so i can layer. {which i have become really good at} granted its not the coat that is functional or practical but i love it and i will eventually learn my lesson but until then enjoy!

{jacket - casting LA / denim / shoes - old forever 21}
{kate spade bracelet / james michelle bracelet}

 happy hump day and more importantly happy winesday wednesday.