Monday, January 12, 2015

closet rehab.

with the craziness of the holidays over, you're getting healthy, setting new goals, and hopefully giving your closet some love. this is the perfect time of the year to organize your closet and purge anything you simply don't need/wear any more.

we have some tools that will not only have your closet looking new again, but may even put money back in your pocket so you can buy something new for spring!

  • go through every item of clothing, accessories and shoes. if you haven't worn it in a year, it goes!
  • make sure you check for stains, pilling, stretching, tears etc. you want to make note of them and always mention them when selling. if you aren't up front with your buyers you will get negative feedback which then effects your future selling potential.
  • if the clothes are relevant fashion items and in good condition, consider selling them. here are a few of the outlets we love:
    • poshmark: you can sell everything through your phone. take pics, upload, set your price and cash is deposited into your bank account as soon as it's received from the buyer.
    • ebay: this is probably the most well known, but it is also the most work. but on the other hand you get the most exposure. they take a percentage on every item that sells depending on the final value. it's nice because you can choose to either do a set price or auction and its up to you to create buzz words in your descriptions to create more traffic. unlike the others you are on your own for shipping the sold items.
    • tradesy: similar to poshmark in the fact that you can do everything on your phone so its super simple. once you sell an item they send you a shipping kit which makes it even more simple. they do however take a 9% commission when you sell an item.
    • cross roads: you can take your items to them and they will decide if they think they can sell it or not and give you money on the spot. they also offer a store credit so you can buy something else.
  • everything else that is out-dated or well worn, donate to good will, salvation army or any local charity. it not only helps out your community but you can get a tax break at the end of the year!

we are always updating our closets and adding things to these sites. check them out!

taters closet:          tots closet:
poshmark              poshmark

not sure what's in/what's out, what looks good/what doesn't? we can help! we are available to come to your house for a closet make over {fee determined at time of consult}. contact us at for more information.

tater & tot

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