Tuesday, January 27, 2015

jamberry nail wraps {giveaway}.

we received some jamberry samples to try on our nails and we were really excited to add some sparkle and print to our every day mani. we loved the idea that we could do this at home instead of having to go to the salon. essentially, they are just stickers that conform to your nail with a bit of heat from a blow dryer. they come in over 250 colors and pattern options and include everything you need to apply them {blow dyer not included, lol}. we have to admit, putting them on was not as easy as we thought, as you really have to have patience and a friend to help with your right hand. but overall, we loved the prints and the fact that we didn't have to wait for our nails to dry after we were done. another option is to use regular polish on your nails and leave an accent nail open for your jamberry print. this is a fun and easy way to update any look!

a jamberry rep has been generous enough to offer one of our lucky readers a chance to win a set of nail wraps for one lucky follower! to enter our giveaway you must comment below and leave your instagram or email  by Wednesday 1/28. winner will be picked by random and announced on 1/29.

check out their website for more information on jamberry! also, this youtube video helps explain the process along with some tips and tricks {note, you don't need everything they list, you can use a blow dyer instead of heater and any kind of scissors. they provide everything else. and we didn't feel the need to use cuticle oil}.

good luck!

tater & tot


  1. My instagram is @d_bernie.. what a lovely giveaway!

  2. I love Jamberry! :) IG @nicolehagyfit

  3. I have an unhealthy obsession with Jamberry!! As of late I wish someone would apply them for me but is just my laziness ;-)
    My IG is @mrslaurabeth

  4. Thanks to everyone who entered! Bernie was the lucky winner and will be receiving her wraps this week! Congrats and thanks again! xo. tater & tot.