Wednesday, January 14, 2015

mad about plaid.

being a california girl i own zero coats. literally zero. {what we consider coats in california and what they consider coats in seattle are two different things...i learned this quickly} i also found out that people actually change out their wardrobes. they have one for summer and one for winter. i mean i have obviously heard of this before but never thought that people actually did these things. needless to say i still wear tank tops {only because its about seventy percent of my wardrobe} i just layer my clothes. a lot. and i'm still cold.

i have been on the hunt for the perfect seattle proof coat since i moved. i bought my first long puffy jacket from forever 21 thinking it would do the trick. ya i was wrong. and i should have known that it wouldn't keep me warm when i got the register and it was only thirty dollars. i'm still learning.

so the other week i stumbled upon this plaid flannelish perfection from a little boutique downtown. and yes, i already know what you are thinking. this isn't a coat. it won't keep you warm. or protect you from the rain. or the forty degree temps we have been experiencing {and that's warm for these people!} but it is warm and it's over sized so i can layer. {which i have become really good at} granted its not the coat that is functional or practical but i love it and i will eventually learn my lesson but until then enjoy!

{jacket - casting LA / denim / shoes - old forever 21}
{kate spade bracelet / james michelle bracelet}

 happy hump day and more importantly happy winesday wednesday.


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