Wednesday, January 21, 2015

yes we're girls, and we like football.

sunday was the nfc championship game against the seahawks and packers {in case you were living under a rock}. we are both huge seahawk fans so naturally were stoked to be seeing the hawks play for the conference title once again. we weren't so excited however for the rain and wind that was to ensue on sunday so we decided to make it a morning time decision on whether or not we would go down to meet the boys at the tailgate. we didn't have tickets so if we made the trek down there we wanted to be able to watch it at a bar, which we knew would be insanely crowded.

sunday morning: 8am we text each other to make a decision {yes we are only separated by one floor and no we didn't get out of bed to have this conversation in person}. we were both exhausted and not quite awake yet so the texts went on for about 20 minutes as neither of us could make a decision. finally, tater says "let's pretend we are young again and just go with the flow" as if we are old ladies, but that was all we needed to get us up and moving around.

as we left for the tailgate it was actually quite pleasant outside...the calm before the storm if you will. when we got to the tailgate the energy was off the chain. music was blaring, fire pits were roaring, and jello shots were being passed to the masses. we only lasted 30 minutes before the torrential downpour and 40 mph wind gusts began and we instantly wondered if we should have stayed home in our pj's on the couch. but no, we are seahawks fans, and seahawks fans tailgate in the pouring rain, huddled under a tent that's about to blow over screaming SEA....HAWKS! over and over again until the rain finally subsides.

some friends were at a nearby bar so we met up with them and quickly found a table to our surprise. the bar was and blue was everywhere and of course we checked out every girl to see what new cute gear she had on. the first half of the game was a joke.  the third quarter wasn't any better and by the time wilson threw his last interception of the night, we said game over. but we weren't about to leave and then suddenly, with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter, things turned around, the stars aligned and it was destiny. they won the game and they were going back to the super bowl {tears may have been shed, not gonna lie}. the bar went bananas. people we didn't even know where hugging us, we were jumping up and down screaming, and we thought we may die of a heart attack from the suspense. it was the most incredible come back in all of nfl championship history and it was our team.

it wasn't the best game, actually it was probably the most awful game they had played in quite some time, but it's not how you start, it's how you finish...and they weren't giving up, and neither are we!

{huddled under the tent hiding from the rain}
{only in the northwest}
{it's not a tailgate without a little beer pong}
{henry's tavern}
{we couldn't contain our excitement}

{total chaos in the bar. it was absolutely insane and the most amazing day} 
go hawks! bring it on tom brady!

tater and tot

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