Friday, February 27, 2015

view from above.

me and the hubs recently moved out of jenna  & wes's house and have been working endlessly to decorate the new place. it's been so fun opening all of our wedding presents again {it was literally like christmas because we forgot about all the awesome things we got} and finally having our first apartment together.

one of our favorite new amenities is the amazing rooftop deck! we literally have a 360 degree view with the city and mt rainier on one side and the puget sound on the other. it's absolutely beautiful {on a clear day of course}! this week has been really nice so we spent the morning up there with nate drinking his pot of coffee {yes, literally a pot} and me with my oj.

i love this lightweight jacket {and its on sale for under $30!} it's super easy to throw on over anything and pull your look together. the crochet lace adds the perfect amount of detail and this free people tank is seriously amazing. its super comfy and flowy and of course i have it in multiple colors. i paired it with some high waisted jeans and i was good to go!

{jacket / tank / jeans / shoes}
{my failed attempt at a twirl - i blame the photographer :)}
we hope you all have the best weekend! we will be in arizona enjoying the sun! 

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

wedding mini series part 2: the details {from tot}

after deciding on my venue, i started to make a to-do list of what i knew i needed to bring to the table. first on my list was finding a photographer and dj. i was recommended a photographer by a co-worker of mine which was great because i didn't really know where to start. when i looked at her website she was not only within my budget, but i got the sense right away that she was fun and current and that's exactly what we wanted. the great part was that she also included a free engagement session with her wedding packages so we really got a sense of her photography style and personality through the engagement shoot. our dj was someone we found through a reference. my biggest regret was not having more communication with him before the wedding. i recommend you insist on meeting with the dj at the venue before the wedding day so you can walk through everything before hand, he can learn how to pronounce names, etc. and you can address any concerns you have in person.

since i didn't have to find my own linens or china, the only other part i was responsible for were the flowers, decor for the tables and a few other misc projects {guest book, seating chart, etc}. since the tennis club took care of most everything this meant 90% of our budget was put into the venue. this didn't leave us with much for other aspects, so i had to get crafty. i wasn't as concerned with the decor since the venue was so gorgeous on its own, so i wanted to keep the rest of the details simple. i was able to borrow a lot of my decor from friends who had already gotten married {mostly tater, thanks doll. xo} which was a huge help and cost saver.

another way to save money was to do the flowers myself. i thought why not take advantage of pike place market being in my back yard? everyone thought i was crazy, but for some reason i had no stress about it turning out just the way i wanted. i knew exactly the look i was going for so i went down to the market a month before and bought a few bouquets to play around with. this helped me determine how many bouquets i needed on the day of to fill enough vases for the reception, etc. i arranged to have the flowered picked up the day before the wedding so we could prepare them the night before. i had my family and bridal party help me put them all in vases so they were done and ready to go. the bouquets for myself and the bridesmaid were so easy all i had to do was wrap the stems in twine and they good to go! i couldn't believe how easy it was and how beautiful they turned out...and the best part was, it cost me under $200 for all the flowers...unheard of!

i used pinterest as my wedding bible and pulled all my inspiration from there. since i was getting married on the water, i wanted it to have a bit of a beachy feel. one of the things i saw and loved were these seashells for the tables that i could fill with tea lights. i found an entire bag of them at marshall's for $8 so i bought a few and spray painted them gold and silver. they turned out great and the entire project cost less than $50! the other last minute details were buying chalkboards at michael's to write info about the guest book, etc. and printing the seating chart at staple's. i purchased a guest book online with some images of wes and i from our engagement shoot and borrowed some polaroid cameras from a friend. we had everyone take a snapshot of themselves and sign the guest book! we love how it turned out and that we can browse from the book now and then and get a good laugh.

pinterest inspiration
finished product

{for more info on my photographer, visit Jessica at Raney Day Photography}

thanks for stopping by and letting me relive this amazing day with you all! if you have any questions regarding anything in this post, please feel free to ask at


Monday, February 23, 2015

wedding mini series part 2: the details {from tater}.

when it comes to the details i am a perfectionist and i always have a million ideas in the beginning and eventually have to trim them down. when i have an idea it has to be executed exactly how i envision it or i won't like it {also known as type a} therefore most of my decorations were diy.

i am a lover of the little details and i can appreciate the time and effort that goes into them. that was very important to me to create and i know my guests enjoyed them as much as i did, which made all the hard work worth it.

i love vintage furniture so leading up to the wedding you would always find me at a different flea market each weekend. i knew i wanted to incorporate that into the wedding somehow so not only did i buy pieces i also found a vintage rental company where i was able to find old church pews for the ceremony, settee couches, benches and chairs for the cocktail hour.

i didn't have a color scheme per say but i knew i wanted some specific colors including gold which would be my accent color. i hand painted each piece of the silverware stems gold as well as each succulent pot which was the take home favor for the guests (a huge hit!}

some other details included mini champagne bottles at each place setting with custom labels with floral paper straws tied with twine. also, at each setting i created custom screen print napkins with the menu on them. my uncle and cousin own a screen printing company and really pulled through for me when my diy attempt failed! because i had been to so many weddings i knew i wanted as many unique touches that i hadn't seen before as i could get. for the seating chart i re purposed old doors that my neighbor was getting rid of and painted the backs gold and the front i used chalkboard paint. my maid of honor was a trooper and hand wrote each name on both doors. for the guestbook i knew that i didnt want something traditional so i decided to do polaroid's. after the guests took a picture they would hammer it onto a few pieces of wood that nate put together for me. i was really excited about this after the wedding because it was so fun to go back and look at all the pictures people took and their messages they wrote to us, and in twenty years it will be even better!

for the tables i knew i wanted a lot of candles and wildflowers. i bought planks of wood and had them cut to the perfect size and stained for each table. on that wood were the candles and three different sized bottles that each had a few sprigs of flowers. for the table cloths me and my cousin spent an entire day in LA at the fabric district checking out a ton of different shops to find the perfect lace overlay. {if you have ever been you know how extremely overwhelming it can get} we haggled our hearts out until we got the price we wanted and ended up buying an entire roll!

i don't think i have ever worked so hard and so long on something but in the end it was all worth it and i wouldn't have changed a thing. it was everything i had ever imagined and more.

{directional signs were hand painted by my moh}

{i created a custom stamp for the candy bags - yes each one was hand stamped!}
{seating chart}
{outside bar / signs made by the hubs}
{nate really wanted a cigar bar so i found this vintage ladder at a flea market and used some left over wood from the tables to add a platform to place the cigars and lighters}
{vintage trough was perfect to keep the beer cold and another flea market find}
{church pews and amazing doors as my backdrop were rented}
{vintage furniture set up}

{sweetheart table}
{my aunt made this amazing arrow to direct people to the ceremony site}
{individual bottles for the champagne toast}
{photo booth was a hit!}
{presents "table"}
{sweetheart table}
{guests' tables}

{sparkler exit}

i had no wedding planner or stylist, i did it all on my own with the help of family and friends and it is one of my greatest most beautiful accomplishments.

{if you or anyone you know is getting married and would like to rent out any decorations email us at}


Friday, February 20, 2015

what every closet needs. {the essentials}

happy friday!

with spring on the horizon we wanted to share with you some essentials that are classic and versatile and should be in every closet. these compliment the bright colors, feminine silhouettes and floral prints that we all associate with spring fashions.

the best part about these pieces is that they can all be mixed and matched together to create multiple looks. oh and did we mention that nothing is over $100 {okay so that might be the best part}


we hope you all have an awesome weekend! it's been a long week so there will definitely be a glass of wine in our near future!

tater and tot

Thursday, February 19, 2015

hello spring, is that you?

call it global warming, call it a fluke, call it whatever you want, i'll take it! seattle has been experiencing a calmer than usual winter, including 60 degree weather over this past weekend. to some of you so-cal peeps this is pathetic considering you're basking in the sun at the beach right now, but for those on the other coast, i'm sure you would take 60 degrees over the polar vortex you're experiencing right now. this sunny weather inspired me to wear my new floral kimono. i am digging on lilacs and floral prints for spring, and this lilac mani paired perfectly with my spring ensemble.

{kimono: steve madden, nordstrom rack}

{jeans // booties // similar necklace}


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hope you're having a fabulous's almost Fri-YAY!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

wedding mini series part 2: the venue.

 from tot:

picking the venue is the single most difficult part of planning your wedding. there is so much detail that goes into finding the perfect venue. first and foremost, you have to lay out what's important to you. once you have determined what kind of venue you want, then you can start to weed out the places that won't work for you. in my case, wes and i knew we wanted to get married on the water. having grown up in washington almost my entire life, i am lucky to have always lived near the water. some of my favorite memories include days out on the boat with wes and our family and friends. we also knew we wanted to get married in seattle. we had lived here together for 5 years before we got married and the city was a very special place to us.

when i first started the planning process, i didn't think i would be able to find a venue that was on the water, in the city, and within our budget. not only that, but i wanted to find a venue that took care of everything as i wouldn't have time to do any of it myself. i only viewed one other venue before i found ours, and once i stepped foot onto the seattle tennis club's property, the decision was easy. it was tucked away from the city, right on lake washington and in a simple word, breathtaking. the ceremony could take place inside or out and the reception was in a grand ballroom with windows that lined the entire room and looked out onto the water. and best of all, they took care of the entire ceremony and reception, including the food, drinks, linens, day of coordinator, etc. this meant we only needed to find a dj and photographer, which helped take my stress level way down.

finding the venue was almost as seamless as finding my perfect wedding dress. it was meant to be. the staff and my coordinator amy, were absolutely incredible and made everything so easy and simple. i didn't have to worry about a thing, which is so amazing, and on the wedding day i could relax with my girls in the bridal suite, sip on champs and enjoy myself. this is exactly what i wanted for my wedding day and to end the day staring out into sunset over mt. rainer was a dream come true and something i will never forget.


*for more information on the seattle tennis club, visit their website and contact Amy Rathbone at the phone number/email provided on the link. 
from tater:

finding the venue was the first thing i knew i needed to do. before i went forward on anything else i needed to solidify that aspect. like i have mentioned before me and nate have been to a ton of weddings together and have seen every style there is. so we knew we wanted a venue that we had never been to before and surprisingly it was nate's idea to have our wedding in a barn and i immediately fell in love with the thought. we wanted it to be off the beaten path. something that you have to drive down a curvy two lane road to get to. something hidden. so the research began. let me tell you how impossible it was to find a barn venue in orange county. i literally google searched every venue possible in orange county and la but couldn't find anything that wasn't outrageously expensive or held the capacity that we needed.

for thanksgiving we were heading up to san luis obispo to be with some of my family for the holiday and decided to check out a few places. we were already going to be there and thought why not check it out. it's about a 4 hour drive from orange county so i knew that it would make the planning a little more difficult but i wanted to keep an open mind. we looked at two venues while we were there and immediately fell in love with one of them. i randomly found this venue by searching blogs but it wasn't a super well known venue and at the time they had only had about 20 weddings before mine. which actually made it a little more special for me. but before we even got to the venue we fell in love with the drive. it was literally exactly what we wanted. a two lane curvy highway deep in rolling hills. i crossed my fingers that the venue was as good as the drive. and it was. the venue is a working cattle ranch and owned by a father and son team. pretty much from the moment we met them we were sold. they were the nicest people and were willing to give me free reign of their property. it was literally a blank canvas and my ideas were running wild. it was exactly what i wanted. i was able to create the day i had always imagined. 

the ceremony was held at the top of a hill with nothing but the blue skies, sun shinning and open land all around. once the ceremony was done the reception was held inside their 1800's barn with huge doors and open wood slats which let the light shine in. 

i could not even picture a better venue for us and what we wanted. it was insanely beautiful and perfect.

{3S Ranch / Spreafico Frams}


tater and tot