Thursday, February 5, 2015

meet the cartwheel app. {your new bestie}

seriously if you are anything like me and target is your second home then you HAVE to pay attention to what i am about to tell you...

target has created the hidden jewel of all apps. this gem will help you save on anything and everything target related. go to your app store and type in cartwheel by target and download it. {seriously do it right now before you continue reading this post. trust me.}

gone are the days of clipping coupons. now all you have to do is scan the barcode of any product and it will pop up with the additional discount right on your phone. {not all products have additional discounts but there are a ton of target brand products that do} add it to your cart and when you check out the cashier will scan your barcode with all of the coupons you have saved throughout your trip. {discounts vary from 5% and up}

on this particular day i was at target for only a couple things and of course i had to stop in the clothing department and do a quick walk through to see if anything caught my eye. {i know you all do it too so you know exactly what i'm talking about} i found the jacket first and it was already on sale so at that point i was sold. no questions asked. but by habit i took my phone out, opened the app and scanned the barcode and a 20% off coupon popped up for all clearance items. i was so excited. {seriously though i was really really excited and i thought there had to be some sort of error because there was no way this jacket was only $16} i saved the coupon and thought to myself that it would be a total disservice if i didnt just check out the rest of the clearance items. that's when i came across the boyfriend jeans. did i need them? nope but for $11.98 with the cartwheel app i would be crazy not to get them, even if i wore them once i was getting them. in the end my entire outfit was $40.76 with the cartwheel app.

was i in the market for a new outfit? no. {but i mean i'm always on the hunt so i guess this could be a maybe} i could not pass this up. it was too good to be true. the jeans are so comfy and perfect for lazy days or running errands. and if you read this post then you know i am always in need of a warm jacket. and i mean seriously twelve bucks for a v-neck over sized tee, i obviously couldn't pass that up and will wear it all the time.

the best part about this app is that it's not only for clothing but for household items, food, shampoo, toilet paper etc. literally all you do is scan the products barcode and it will either pop up with the coupon, save it to your cart and move onto the next product or it will say no discounts apply and you move on. it's so easy and they are additional savings that you normally wouldn't be getting. even if it's only 5% it all adds up in the end!

here is the break down of my outfit...

originally $69.99 
sale - $20.98
with cartwheel app - $16.78

boyfriend jeans:
originally 39.99 
sale - $14.98
with cartwheel app - $11.98

originally $12.00
{bought at full price}

original total: $121.98
what i payed: $40.76


if you didn't know now ya know. you're welcome.


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