Friday, February 13, 2015

wedding mini series part 1: the accessories

from tot:
can i just start by saying that i don't know how the brides did it before the instagram and pinterest days. as i mentioned about my dress, i had this idea in my mind of what i would look like on my wedding day for quite some time. i knew i wanted a boho look and that meant a headwrap was the pefect accessory to compliment my lace gown.

i spotted this uhhh-mazing crystal head wrap on instagram and knew immediately i had to have it. to my dismay, when i found it online it was a whopping $550...yeah, not happening. lucky for me, i had a relationship with an accessories vendor that i reached out to to see if they could make it for me. they made almost the exact one for a fraction of the price! i was over the moon about it and started to wonder if everything happening so seamlessly was bound to end in something bad {don't worry, it didn't}.

for jewels i went very simple so to not take away from the gown. i did simple gold studs, gold crystal bangles and a dainty necklace. i decided to go sans veil as nothing about my wedding was traditional and i really wanted to show off the detail of the head wrap and back of my gown. the only other accessory was the belt i added to my dress. at first, i didn't think i wanted one, but when I came across this amazing crystal and pearl encrusted belt i couldn't live without it. it sat back perfectly to the detail on my dress and head wrap so perfectly it was too good to be true.

{wedding gift from wes from james michelle-one is his nickname for me and one is our wedding date}

{stud earrings // necklace // bangles}

belt }

from tater

when i was first starting to think about my ideal look on the big day there were two things i knew i wanted. the first was that when it came to accessories i wanted to keep it simple. i chose not to wear a necklace because the bodice of my dress was so beautifully detailed that i wanted the attention to be on that. the next thing i knew i wanted to include was a flower crown. for the reception i wanted to let loose and have fun so my super talented friend erin offered to make me one and it turned out amazing.

after those two things were decided i moved onto the rest of the jewels. i'm not a very blingy person but for some reason i felt like my shoes needed a little pizzazz. i knew that there was no way i was going to wear heels all night and my ceremony was on a hill outside, so flats it was!

when i asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding i gave them each a bracelet from baublebar and i of course got one for myself {duh} so we all wore them. i also wanted to wear something meaningful to nate and i that i could continue to wear afterwards, so the other bracelet i wore was from james michelle and it has our wedding date hammered into it. {i own several pieces of her jewelry and its AMAZING}. for my earrings i went for some simple studs. 

nate and i were both given our "something old" which we were so grateful for. nate was given his grandfathers gold cross by his uncle which i know truly meant the world to him. and out of all the jewelry i wore that day the most special and meaningful piece was given to me by my great aunt. it was my great grandmothers ring from the early 1900's. it is the most beautiful opal ring surrounded by rubys and i felt so lucky to be able to wear it. i cant wait for the day to pass it along to our kids.

{ shoes }


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stay tuned for part 2 of our mini series next week where we talk about the venues. can't wait for to see what we have in store! 

tater and tot

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