Thursday, February 12, 2015

wedding mini series part 1: the bridesmaids

from tot:
just like my wedding dress, finding the bridesmaid dresses was fairly easy as well. i knew i wanted something in the light pink/taupe family, but i didn't have an exact style in mind except for the fact that i liked the idea of a floor length dress. since my wedding started a 5pm, I thought a bit more formal dress was appropriate. i am a serious planner and wanted as many things checked off my list as possible {my job was really stressful and demanding at the time so I didn't have much spare time to work on the details}. around february I found this amazing adrianna papell dress while browsing on the nordstrom website and immediately i knew it was perfect. i didn't even have the girls try it on, i just bought them becuase they were low in stock and only had 20 left in the entire company! again, thank goodness for katie in the nordstrom wedding suite who helped me track down all the sizes for the girls! when they were finally able to try them on they fit perfectly and were so flattering and gorgeous. our wedding was on the water so i knew with the sunlight shining on the beading of the dress would make them sparkle. they looked stunning and both of our dresses went together so perfectly! i let them have free reign when it came to their shoes, accessories, hair and make-up. i knew the dresses were enough on their own and they would put their personal touches on them. in the end, i could not have been more pleased with the look of the dresses, and if you are on pinterest, i'm sure you've seen these make quite the appearance this year...who would have known they would become to popular!

from tater:
when deciding on what i wanted my bridesmaids to wear i knew that i didn't want the typical "bridesmaid dress". i wanted something non traditional, something they could wear again and something that would be comfortable. since my ceremony was outside on a hot summer day i knew it had to be easy and light. my venue backdrop was rolling hills and the reception was in a barn so it needed to be something on the more casual side.

i honestly didn't start looking for their dresses until maybe three months before the wedding. i thought it was going to be the easiest task on my list so i kept putting it off. i would look online here and there but i had an idea in my head and i wasn't seeing anything like that. i wanted a print of some sort and mainly a floral print, but not just any floral print, it had to be perfect. {once i get an idea in my head, i pretty much have to make it happen otherwise i won't be satisfied} so come two months before the wedding i start to get a little nervous because i still wasn't seeing anything i liked. i refused to go to a bridal store, so instead i would check out all the local boutiques hoping to find the right one. and nothing. about a month before the wedding i finally found it on {if you have never been to their website, you HAVE to check it out, they have the most amazing clothes} i had checked their website numerous times but never saw anything i liked until i stumbled across the michael lauren floral maxi dress. i was already meeting up that day with some of the bridesmaids and so i showed them what i found to get their opinions and they all loved it so we ordered them immediately. i texted tot that minute and told her to get online and order hers. they only had a few left online so i had to call the company to see if they had any extras and thankfully they did so we were covered. the dresses have no shape to them so we found the most simple gold belts at h&m to create a waist. other than that the girls had free reign on shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup. i didn't want them to be super matchy matchy so i let them style the rest of it themselves and they all looked amazing! because the dresses were floral printed i wanted their bouquets to be super simple. i like the unfinished look so we just put a few stems together with some sprigs and eucalyptus leaves, wrapped a little twine around them and called it a day!

i loved the dress so much i even ordered one for myself! the dresses fit all the girls perfectly and i know some of them have already worn them again to other weddings!

{i LOVE the out-takes}

part 1 of the weddig mini series continues tomorrow with the accessories. stay tuned!

tater & tot

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