Tuesday, February 10, 2015

wedding mini series part 1: the dress

as some of you may know, nicole & nate were married 6.21.14 and jenna & wes on 9.5.14. who would have thought we would have our weddings within 2 months of each other! somehow we both managed to pull off the wedding of our dreams and we are SO EXCITED share the entire process with you...starting with THE DRESS.

from tot:
as women, we imagine what our wedding dress will look like from the age of 5. i had no idea when i finally went to try one on that it would be such an easy process for me. for years i watched "say yes to the dress" on TLC and had so much angst for the girls who walked away empty handed after trying on 40 different dresses. my experience was much, much different and what i consider, fate.

about a year before wes and i were engaged, i was walking by the nordstrom wedding suite when this dress on a hanger caught my eye. the moment i saw it i knew it was the dress i had always envisioned myself wearing on my wedding day. i looked at my co-worker and asked if it would be weird if I tried it on, because who knew if it would be there when wes and I actually went to get married. she looked at me like I was crazy, of course, and said that would be some sort of back luck. she was probably right, but I just couldn't get that dress out of mind. a year later, i was engaged and pinning wedding dresses like crazy and the very same nicole miller gown showed up on my feed. i looked it up on the website to see how i could get my hands on it, but it was an older style so i wasn't having much luck. when I made my appointment at the nordstrom wedding suite to try on dresses, my wedding stylist katie, asked if I could share my pinterest board with her so she could get a better idea of my style. when I arrived for the appointment, to my surprise, she had the exact dress I had been lusting over hanging in the dressing room. i told her that I had my eye on that dress and nicole miller dresses in general, but i wasn't sure if she would actually have the sample to try on. before I even got undressed, she said to me “i looked at your pinterest board and I think we should save this dress for last, because I just have a feeling it’s going to be the one”. i tried on 5-6 dresses before this one and I liked/loved a few of them, but the minute this 'aneka' gown slipped over my head, I knew it was the one. it fit like a glove, the lace was perfect and the style was exactly what I was hoping for. It was fate, and i wouldn’t have gotten my dream wedding dress without the help of katie. 


*if you are getting married and want an amazing experience, contact Katie Crittenden at Katie.crittenden@nordstrom .com or call the downtown seattle Nordstrom wedding suite at 206.628-1730. 

from tater.
like tot i had a pretty seamless dress experience. i started looking online for dresses right after i got engaged and one of the first dresses i saw was on etsy by designer Tatyana Merenyuk i fell in love with the detailing on the bodice and draped sleeves. so i put that in the back of my head as an option. before i started looking i knew i wanted something simple yet different. i have been to a ton of weddings so i wanted it to be something i had never seen before. throughout the process i kept going back to that dress. it was perfect. only problem was that she was based in new york and i was in california but i was determined to figure something out because i knew i wanted that dress. i contacted tatyana and asked if she sold to any stores so i could go in and try one on. {i was already a little weary about buying THE DRESS that i was going to wear on one of the most important days of my life over the internet without ever trying it on.} but unfortunately she only had a showroom in new york. each dress is handmade to your measurements so there was no way to try it on. instead she was able to send me a sample dress in the mail that i could keep for one day and then needed to send back {granted it was a sample size and didn't zip up but at least it gave me an idea of what it looked like and i could feel the material etc.} i got the dress and fell in love. i was pretty much sold. it was perfect.

in the meantime my MOH convinced me to have the typical experience of going with your family and bridesmaids, drink champs and try on dresses. so i agreed and i tried on lots of dresses but still had my mind set on tatyana's design. i'm a pretty picky person so i knew that there probably wouldn't be the perfect dress out there and that i would want to alter it in some way to make it unique, whether that be taking something off or adding something. tatyana was awesome and we communicated through email and was willing to work with my adjustments. it turned out exactly how i imagined. i know ordering a wedding dress online isn't the typical thing to do and so many people would be nervous about it {as was i} but tatyana was awesome and it was made to fit me perfectly.



we will be sharing the details from our weddings all month long, so stay tuned!

tater and tot

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