Monday, February 23, 2015

wedding mini series part 2: the details {from tater}.

when it comes to the details i am a perfectionist and i always have a million ideas in the beginning and eventually have to trim them down. when i have an idea it has to be executed exactly how i envision it or i won't like it {also known as type a} therefore most of my decorations were diy.

i am a lover of the little details and i can appreciate the time and effort that goes into them. that was very important to me to create and i know my guests enjoyed them as much as i did, which made all the hard work worth it.

i love vintage furniture so leading up to the wedding you would always find me at a different flea market each weekend. i knew i wanted to incorporate that into the wedding somehow so not only did i buy pieces i also found a vintage rental company where i was able to find old church pews for the ceremony, settee couches, benches and chairs for the cocktail hour.

i didn't have a color scheme per say but i knew i wanted some specific colors including gold which would be my accent color. i hand painted each piece of the silverware stems gold as well as each succulent pot which was the take home favor for the guests (a huge hit!}

some other details included mini champagne bottles at each place setting with custom labels with floral paper straws tied with twine. also, at each setting i created custom screen print napkins with the menu on them. my uncle and cousin own a screen printing company and really pulled through for me when my diy attempt failed! because i had been to so many weddings i knew i wanted as many unique touches that i hadn't seen before as i could get. for the seating chart i re purposed old doors that my neighbor was getting rid of and painted the backs gold and the front i used chalkboard paint. my maid of honor was a trooper and hand wrote each name on both doors. for the guestbook i knew that i didnt want something traditional so i decided to do polaroid's. after the guests took a picture they would hammer it onto a few pieces of wood that nate put together for me. i was really excited about this after the wedding because it was so fun to go back and look at all the pictures people took and their messages they wrote to us, and in twenty years it will be even better!

for the tables i knew i wanted a lot of candles and wildflowers. i bought planks of wood and had them cut to the perfect size and stained for each table. on that wood were the candles and three different sized bottles that each had a few sprigs of flowers. for the table cloths me and my cousin spent an entire day in LA at the fabric district checking out a ton of different shops to find the perfect lace overlay. {if you have ever been you know how extremely overwhelming it can get} we haggled our hearts out until we got the price we wanted and ended up buying an entire roll!

i don't think i have ever worked so hard and so long on something but in the end it was all worth it and i wouldn't have changed a thing. it was everything i had ever imagined and more.

{directional signs were hand painted by my moh}

{i created a custom stamp for the candy bags - yes each one was hand stamped!}
{seating chart}
{outside bar / signs made by the hubs}
{nate really wanted a cigar bar so i found this vintage ladder at a flea market and used some left over wood from the tables to add a platform to place the cigars and lighters}
{vintage trough was perfect to keep the beer cold and another flea market find}
{church pews and amazing doors as my backdrop were rented}
{vintage furniture set up}

{sweetheart table}
{my aunt made this amazing arrow to direct people to the ceremony site}
{individual bottles for the champagne toast}
{photo booth was a hit!}
{presents "table"}
{sweetheart table}
{guests' tables}

{sparkler exit}

i had no wedding planner or stylist, i did it all on my own with the help of family and friends and it is one of my greatest most beautiful accomplishments.

{if you or anyone you know is getting married and would like to rent out any decorations email us at}



  1. At the risk of sounding creepy: I am obsessed with your wedding....all your details are amazing.

    1. thanks ashten! wish you could have been there! xo