Friday, February 6, 2015

winter beauty essentials.

here in the northwest, we tend to get a little pasty during the winter months. i mean, we pretty much don't see the sunshine from november until may and if we do, we are exactly sun-bathing. this means we have to take extra good care of our skin and here are some of my winter beauty essentials to keep you glowing throughout the season.

winter beauty essentials


1. a primer with a tint of color is a great base to start with when applying make up. it will not only help keep your make-up in tact all day, but it will give you an extra hint of color.

2. this bare minerals warmth bronzer is a must-have all year long. it looks natural and applies evenly without looking like you're wearing a lot of make up.

3. faux tan face and body lotion is something i use twice a week after showering at night. it does tend to make your hands a little dark, so use it at night and by the morning it's fades away. it smells amazing, too and is super dark when you apply so it's easy to distribute evenly.

4. a good blush {like dallas from benefit} will help give you a little extra glow

5. everything tends to get dry in the winter, including your lips. this revlon just bitten lip color not only moisturizes, but gives a great tint and smells link mint.

6. i just tried this maybelline brow drama and it's amazing! it brushes on to give your brows a more full look. when you're lacking a natural tan, it's nice to draw some attention to your eyes with a bold eye or brow.

7. a good moisturizer goes a long way. i love this kiehl's ultra facial cream as it keeps your skin refreshed all day and you can use it morning or night.

8. last but not least, exfoliate every other day if possible. this will elimate dead skin and keep your face and body feeling fresh. it also helps when applying a faux tan. 

enjoy your weekend! hopefully these beauty tips will keep you glowing during the next couple months of winter {yes, i said couple of months-a sunny vacay sounds great right about now}.


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