Thursday, March 19, 2015

wedding series part 3: happily ever after {from tater}.

to round out our wedding series i will be sharing with you all the other details including: the rehearsal dinner, wedding food, dessert and of course the honeymoon! {maybe my favorite part!}

the rehearsal dinner was absolutely perfect and my mother in law did an amazing job! {especially because she had to plan it from seattle!} i was super impressed with the details she put into making it a special night for not only me and nate but also all of our guests.

we knew there was going to be a lot of people attending our rehearsal dinner so we wanted something a little more casual and fun. ironically, a couple miles away from our wedding venue there was a park called "biddle park" so when planning the dinner there was basically no other option but to have the dinner there, it was a sign, i mean it was my future last name and there was a park named after it, it was a done deal. the park was beautiful and it went perfect with my rustic theme for the wedding.


first of all i have to say our wedding food was so bomb! to go along with our theme  i didn't want a traditional sit down dinner. so we decided to go with a food truck. yup, i said it, a food truck. and it was fantastic. it was also the only food vendor we tried and we were sold, we even put the deposit down that same day! they did an amazing job and again the food was amazing. i mean we even had seasoned french fries, how can you not be excited to go to a wedding with seasoned fries. {pretty sure that was what sold me!}

{gusto on the go bistro}

{custom menu napkins my uncle and cousin made}

 me and nate aren't huge cake people so we decided to fore go the whole wedding cake taste testing debacle. {although if nate had his way he would have done ice cream cake - but yes, i nixed that idea!} instead we went with mini bundtinis {bite size bundt cakes} from nothing bundt cakes. they are so good i could seriously eat endless amounts of them in one sitting. we both are also huge candy people so decided to have a candy bar as well. and it was the best candy bar at a wedding ever. i mean we're talking sour patch kids, mike and ike's, reeses peanut butter cups, sweedish fish, skittles and more!

{i rented this amazing vintage dessert case to display all the bundtinis}

and now the holy grail. the honeymoon. let me tell you, after all the work that went into our wedding i was beyond excited to spend nine whole days in JAMAICA! one of the best gifts we got was from nates parents and they were gracious enough to pay for our entire honeymoon, and we seriously couldn't be more grateful. the resort was amazing, we had our own swim up pool connected with our room, it was all inclusive with vip service and a private beach. seriously the first two days i was still so exhausted i took naps, woke up when we wanted too, and lounged on the beach. before we went on the honeymoon we didn't plan any of our days, we wanted to play it by ear and not have an agenda. i truly wanted to relax, enjoy being newlyweds and the rest would fall into place. we knew we wanted to do a couple excursions but we planned that as the days came. we went horse back riding, zip lining, tubing, rode atv's and nates favorite, rum tasting. we stayed at the royalton white sands in montego bay, if you are ever in jamaica, check this place out! 

there are so many more pictures from the honeymoon, but here are a few to give you an idea about the amazing time we had!

{our room with private pool}

{how i spent most days}


when i would talk to people about my wedding and the ideas i had, people literally thought i was crazy. i was crazy to do so much on my own, without a planner and have so many details. and at times i thought i was too, but i had everything planned down to the t and was confident that the vision in my head would come to life. it was everything i had ever dreamed about and more. i literally have never worked so hard in my life for something than i did with the planning and execution of this wedding. and although i was exhausted afterwards, i wouldn't change a thing and would do it all over again. it was the most perfect day.

click here to watch the trailer to our wedding video, to see how it all came together.

...and we lived happily ever after.


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