Friday, March 20, 2015

wedding series part 3: happily ever after {from tot}.

well it's true what they say, your wedding day truly is one of the best days of your life. as i mentioned in my previous posts about my wedding, the entire planning process was so much fun and everything pulled together effortlessly. even the rehearsal went off without a hitch!

funny side story-wes and i always wanted to get married in september because we think it's the most beautiful month in seattle. we purposely picked the 1st weekend of september as the wedding date so it would not coincide with a seahawks home game {all the boys in the wedding party were season ticket holders and we didn't want anyone missing out on the festivities}, but low and behold, the seahawks won the super bowl the year before and the winner always plays the first thursday night game of the season. since we were married on a friday, that meant the first home game was the night before our wedding! it was actually kind of perfect because football is a big part of our lives and all the boys were able to attend the game and spend time together before the wedding. this meant we had to do a rehearsal brunch instead of dinner, which i think turned out even better since the weather was so gorgeous that week! we had a private deck to ourselves on the most beautiful day.

{eastlake bar and grill-seattle, wa}

when the wedding day finally came, all i wanted to do was hang out with my best girlfriends, drink mimosas and laugh about all the amazing memories we had together. one of my favorite things about the wedding day was our wedding party. since wes and i had been together 10 years before we got married, every single person in our wedding were a huge part of our lives. not only were they special to us as a couple, but we knew each of them individually, too. we grew up in a small town and almost everyone {besides tater} were our friends from a very young age.

{i got these kimono robes on etsy as part of my bridal party gifts-i love how they photographed!}

like tater, wes and i were not keen on doing anything traditional at our wedding. we wanted to keep things simple and fun so for dinner we went with sliders and fries, pasta and salad bar {comfort food galore}. we also didn't want a cake as most people at weddings never eat the cake any way and we didn't want to spend any extra money on something that wasn't necessary. so we went with cupcakes in two flavors made from a local company in our home town of gig harbor.

{my two sweets cupcakes}
the night ended with wes and i on the dance floor with our closets friends and family {3 hours of dancing to be exact} and we literally danced our way out of the venue at 1am. all in all, it was i could not have asked for a more perfect wedding and a more perfect man to marry. and i can honestly say that i accomplished the wedding of my dreams and for that i am eternally grateful and blessed.

for our honeymoon we decided to wait since we are going to europe for 2 weeks and we didn't want to stress about taking so much time off work. this way we could enjoy the week of the wedding and spending time with family and friends that were in town. this may we are heading to the amalfi coast in italy, followed by spain! we are so excited and can't wait for 16 days abroad just the two of us {i promise to post about it when we get back}!

thanks for letting us share our weddings with you all. hope you have enjoyed it!

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