Monday, April 27, 2015

it's monday already?

do you ever wonder how monday rolls around so quick and friday takes forever to get here? yah, us too. but there are some ways to make monday more manageable...starting with your wardrobe. there is nothing worse than getting up tired and grumpy on a monday morning and trying to figure out what to wear. chances are you will leave the house in an outfit you don't love and will spend the entire day feeling crummy because you are wearing a mediocre ensemble. we have the perfect recipe to avoiding this hot mess of a monday!

  • plan your outfits for the week on sunday {attempt for all 5 days, but if you can only pick one oufit, at least you've gotten that far}
  • go through your pinterest board {or our blog posts: shameless plug} for outfit inspiration, then pull out all items from your closet to make an entire outfit, including shoes and accessories.
  • hang clothes for the week outside of your closet so they don't get lost {a hang bar works great, but if you don't have room, just pull out the entire outfit and lay it near your bed or hang on your door}
  • do your hair the night before-i always wash my hair at night and either straighten or or blow dry before bed and then do a quick curl in the  morning. dry shampoo is your friend {try using it in your hair before bed 24 hours after a wash and it will be fresh in the morning}

{hang your outfit on the back door so it's ready and visible in the am}

{invest in a rolling rack to plan outfits for the week}

{don't forget your accessories!}

{fav dry shampoo-it really works!}

last but not least, enjoy a LARGE cup of your favorite coffee and SMILE! it's gonna be a great week.

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tater & tot


  1. Such a good idea, girls! I meal plan for the week but never thought about planning my outfits for the week! Might have to give that a try!

  2. @alwaysashten, i know, right!? It makes such a huge difference! i too like to try and plan meals for the makes be healthy so much easier! xo.

  3. This is a great idea and so simple! I am more of a "see how I feel that day" kinda outfit planner and rarely lay my clothes out, even the night before. I'm sure this would save me a ton of time overall and I love your little rack!

  4. Lindsay, it's SO helpful! when you're not a morning person like me, it makes such a difference to have outfits planned the night before. the rolling rack is from's less than $50! :) xo.