Friday, April 17, 2015

our first closet makeover.

a couple weeks ago one of jenna's co-workers who follows the blog asked us to come over and help her clean out her closet. she wanted to get rid of things, but needed a little help and that extra push to say goodbye to things she had kept for years but never actually wore. she also had a few pieces that she wasn't sure how to style and needed some guidance on creating outfits with items she already owned.

kara is super organized so it made our job pretty easy! she had two closets full of shoes, clothes and accessories. when we got there she had a few bags of stuff that she had already gone through so we started with those just to make sure she wasn't getting rid of anything that could work with other items in her closet. we then started on her main closet and began pulling pieces out asking key questions like "when was the last time you wore this?" and "how would you wear this?". if she hadn't worn it within the last year it got put in the donate pile and if she wasn't sure how to style a particular piece we put it aside. when we were done we went back to those questionable pieces and put outfits together for her.

as we were putting more and more pieces into the donate pile, we were also compiling a list of things she needed and things we were getting rid that just needed to be updated. {summer staples, basic tees and tanks, printed denim, a black flat, etc.}

{the first of two closets}

{this picture doesn't even do justice of how many hangers we were able to get rid of!}
{the many pairs of shoes we were able to part with}
{after we were done she had so much room in her closet for some new pieces}
{kara saying goodbye to all her clothes, shoes and accessories}
after we were done cleaning out her closet, we then put together three outfits for her using what she already owned. these were items she was unsure how to style or didn't think fit her just right. outfit one were these awesome printed pants but she had no idea how to wear them or what kind of top would go with them. we had her try on a couple different tops to show her that they were actually a lot easier to style then she realized. you can't go wrong with a basic tee and leather jacket to compliment a print. add a simple black heel and you're set! outfit two was a tan leather jacket that she hadn't worn in a long time so we paired it with a flare jean and a basic white tee, and added a gold necklace. outfit three was our favorite-a bright magenta dress that she never wore because she thought it was too short, but when we had her try it on and it looked so cute on her and was actually the perfect length. again, we paired it with a simple black leather jacket and strappy wedge {she had a bachelorette party that weekend and it was the perfect outfit!}

after we finished at her house we set a date to go shopping and start checking things off her list. we have since gone twice and are always on the look out for new pieces to add to her closet!

{the items we ended with!}
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  1. @alwaysashten, we would LOVE to! i wish you lived closer! we could do a virtual styling sesh though for sure! xo.