Wednesday, May 6, 2015

sometimes it pays to wait {literally}.

 if you're anything like me, you like to shop...A LOT. but i don't always buy everything i see {although i wish i could}. when shopping, there are items that go into your 'lust' list and some that go into your 'need' list. the things we tend to lust over are usually the ones that are the most impractical and often times most expensive. if you think you can wait on something, and don't mind if it's a bit out of season by the time you get it, then i suggest waiting until it goes on sale. it almost always does, and if you shop often enough, chances are you will go into the store when it's been marked down. in the case of this amazing blanket sweater, that exact thing happened. every time i walked into the store i tried it on, but couldn't justify buying it at full price since there were so many other things i needed. but last weekend i found it on sale and the store was giving an additional 40% off all clearance items! you can still snatch it up online and get the additional clearance price, too!

and don't even get me started on this hat. even though this is an item that would typically go into my 'lust' list, i had to have it right then and there. i love how unique it is and the price was right on for the amazing quality. it was one of those "walk away with your shopping bag like a giddy school girl" kind of purchases.

{hat: brixton from nordstrom, similar here // sweater // necklace // pants}

 here are some other clearance items i am wishing i would have waited on that just went on sale!
joe's ankle jeans // joe's flare jeans // ae fringe cardigan



  1. I try to always wait for them to go on sale. I like to turn on "sale alerts" on my shopstyle profile to let me know when something I want goes on sale!
    The Lady Lawyer

    1. Brittany! Great idea! I haven't tried shop style...i'll need to check it out! xo.