Friday, June 12, 2015

a printed jumpsuit.

i love a good print. and i love jumpsuits. put them together and i am one happy girl. i found this gem at the downtown h&m and i was drawn to it. i was even more drawn to the price {$24.95}

jumpsuits are perfect for the warm weather and are super easy to dress up or down. i am wearing sandals but you can easily throw on a wedge and go straight into the night without having to change {its like a two-fer}

my favorite part of this jumpsuit is the open back detailing and wide legs {creates some good airflow!}

it's been in the eighties in seattle so if the weather keeps up this will be a summer staple!

{jumpsuit - only available in store - h&m}


happy friday!



  1. cute jumpsuit. love the open back! (also as an avid lover of tater tots, i love the name of this blog!)

    The Block is Haute

    1. thanks, cymone! isn't this jumpsuit everything!? so glad you love the name and thanks for following! xo.

  2. TWINSIES! I have almost the same one!!

    1. get outta my brain!! just kidding...great minds think alike!! xo