Wednesday, June 3, 2015

how to: achieve the fake eyelash look.

if you're anything like me your beauty skills are less than par {and that's being nice, they are horrible} i don't wash my face at night {or ever} i prefer face wipes and again it's never at night { i know i know it's really bad but once the pj's are on laziness sets in} i never wear eyeliner unless it's a special occasion and i definitely can not put on fake eyelashes {the glue and the precision are just not for me} don't get me wrong if i had someone who wanted to put them on me everyday i would definitely take them up on that offer! but because i don't have a personal makeup artist on hand i am forced to come up with a solution. which brings me to the point of this blog post.

how to get the fake eyelash look without the fake eyelashes!

my secret is the most simple thing and literally takes a minute to complete.

i have been using these three mascaras for as long as i can remember {i'm a creature of habit} the best part is that both maybelline's are less than ten bucks and can be found at any drugstore! the other {benefit} is a little more pricey {but still under twenty bucks} but i can't seem to find one that has the same effect so i continue to spend the money for that one.

i apply them in a specific order {again creature of habit} which then turns into four coats total {it sounds like a lot but its really not and is super quick} i also don't wait for each coat to dry i just keep going.

the first coat is the maybelline colossal. this is a great base mascara and i always apply it first. the second coat is the maybelline falsies. this has a curved brush which helps with the lengthening of the lashes. i then apply the benefit bad gal lash which is amazing for volume. and if that isn't enough i apply the falsies mascara one more time to go out with a bang and add that extra curve to the lashes!

i have been doing this forever and i always get asked if i am wearing fake eyelashes so i think it's working!

{the goods - the colossal / bad gal lash / the falsies}

{before}                                                                                          {after}                             

{first application}

{before}                                                                                       {after}

hope this helps! happy hump day!

if you guys have any other tips or tricks we would love to hear them!



  1. I need to try this! I hate the way falsies feel!

    1. i do too! after a little while they always start poking my eye and i usually end up peeling them off!

  2. Thank you for sharing your secret! I have always loved your lashes.