Tuesday, June 9, 2015

how to: gallery wall.

we have only been in our apartment for about four months but its so perfectly cozy {and by cozy i mean tiny but perfect at the same time} and i couldn't wait to start decorating our first place! i had been collecting frames and art for a while in the hopes of our first apartment having a big open wall space and lucky me that's exactly what i got!

the in laws were nice enough to come over with all the tools to help us {and by us i mean me} hang all the pictures. i first started by unpacking everything that i had, it had been a while since i had seen everything. once i had an idea of what was going to be hung i started the process.
  1. i first measured my wall space to make sure everything i wanted was going to fit the space
  2. then i layed everything on the floor and started arranging things and then rearranging them again until it was exactly how i wanted it on the wall
  3. once it was layed out on the floor i double checked the measurements to make sure i was still on track {i am known for making more than one hole in the wall when hanging pictures}
  4. we started with the "b" first because that was the center of the wall and worked our way out
  5. i didn't measure in between each picture to make sure everything was even because i don't like when things looks too perfect so we just eyeballed it
  6. once we started me and my mother in law had the best job and got to stand back and tell the boys where to hang everything {i don't think they liked this part very much - it was a lot of "to the right wait no to the left okay back to the right a smidge"}
a few tips to remember...
  • don't drive yourself crazy making sure everything is exact. sometimes when you don't plan things exactly or measure things perfectly it turns out better than you expected
  • stick to a basic color scheme. you can quickly go from perfectly imperfect to cluttered fast
  • mix things up. throw in some artwork along with photographs
  • create texture. add some three dimensional pieces. not everything has to be in a frame
  • use different sized frames it creates dimension
  • start in the center and work your way out {this is key} once you put that first picture up it's much easier to create the gallery rather than working left to right.


{arranging and rearranging}

{no turning back now}

{finished product}

{this nook is my favorite part of the apartment}
the best part of a gallery wall is that you can always add things to it or change pictures out whenever you want a new look {i already have a few new pieces to add!}


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  1. I am swooning over this. What a gorgeous gallery wall! (Also love that California pillow, obvi.)