Monday, June 1, 2015

24 hours in paris.

wes and i just returned from our late honeymoon to europe where we spent 16 days traveling to paris, the amalfi coast in italy, and barcelona. because we only had 2 weeks and wanted to cover as much ground as possible, paris was just a quick stop. it was much more affordable to buy a round trip ticket into a large hub such as paris, rather than trying to buy a ticket from here to one country and leaving from another, so paris it was!

as a girl who has a insane love for food, fashion and champagne, visiting this romantic city was on the top of my bucket list. so even though i was a complete zombie after getting off the 10 hour flight and not having slept at all {i was far too excited to sleep} i took advantage of all that was parisian in the short amount of time we had there.

we stayed in the st. germain district which is about a 30 minute walk to the eiffel tower along the river and where most of the restaurant/shops are. our first stop was to a great little cafe right around the corner from our hotel called "le bonaparte" where ate croque madame and sipped on espresso. then, there was of course a pit stop for authentic french macaroons, the eiffel tower at sunset, and a magnificent dinner at a quaint little italian restaurant {go figure} that may have been the best meal i had all trip.

{the walk along the river to the eiffel tower}

{jacket // tank}

{croque madame-i have already made this once since we've been home because i kept craving it}

{the best macaroons i've ever tasted-black cherry, pistachio and chocolate}

{jacket-hinge from tbd // shoes}

{i still dream of this pasta-it was that good}

all in all, it was the perfect 24 hours in paris. and don't let the rumors fool you, the french were actually very lovely and personable! i will definitley make it back there someday as there is so much more to explore.



  1. Looks like a great time! Paris is on my bucketlist!
    The Lady Lawyer

    1. Brittany, you should def try and go sometime! It's so beautiful :) xo.

  2. Looks simply dreamy. So glad you had fun!!

    1. Thanks Ashten! It was pretty dreamy, but it was nothing in comparison to the beauty that was on that to come soon! ;) xo.