Friday, June 19, 2015

the amalfi coast: positano

our last stop in italy was positano. i had seen pictures of cliff sides with houses stacked on top of each other on the mountain side, but until you see it in person, you can't really appreciate the insane beauty.

we ferried from capri to positano and the minute we arrived at the base of town i was in love. right when you walk off there is a public beach and tons of restaurants along the way where you can sit and have a glass of wine and stare out into the sea...but the best part is when you get up top.

 we of course had no idea how to get to our hotel once we arrived so we asked for some help and were surprised to hear our hotel was about a 15 minute walk straight up hill {including at least 90 stairs}. at least we were getting our exercise after all that pasta and pizza we had been eating! when we finally arrived, the hotel concierge walked us to our room and opened up the balcony doors and i was floored! our terrace was HUGE and we had the most beautiful view!

{view from our balcony}

{our breakfast every morning!}

we spent most of our time eating breakfast on the terrace {they serve complimentary breakfast every morning} and watching the sunset at night. during the day, we went to the beach, took a bus to another neighboring town, and went on a little boat to this restaurant on the shore called "da adolfo" where we met some aussie's also on their honeymoon and drank way too much wine and lemon cello. and my absolute favorite part was dinner at "la taglitata", a four course dining experience, where there is no menu and everything is cooked by 'mama' downstairs in the kitchen. the house wine is also included in the bill and the entire experience was only 35 euros per person...unheard of! it had the most insane view too, since we were sitting about 2k feet above sea level!

{this was after just the second course, we had two more coming!}

{the view from la taggliata}

{the view as we pulled up to port}

{gorgeous rainbow and sunset!}
{the most beautiful sunset i had ever seen}

{music on the rocks...a club in a cave! a must go if you are ever in positano}

{tunic: marshalls // panama hat: forever 21}

{bag: rebecca minkoff}

it was the perfect ending to our travels on the amalfi coast. if you ever get the chance to go, jump on it! the people were so gracious and kind, the food was amazing and the scenery is spectacular!

stay tuned for our final leg of the!


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