Friday, July 31, 2015

summer stripes.

this shirt is my summer take on my ever growing collection of striped tops. some may call it an obsession others might call it silly but i like to call it broadening of the horizons.  i mean i obviously don't have any striped tops in this color so i had to get it. {duh}

you can never have too many striped tops. period.

{top / jeans / sunglasses -  wildfox / birks}


p.s. i think i officially became a washingtonian this week...i went on a hike AND i bought birkenstocks!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

what i wore shopping.

last weekend was the first official weekend of the anniversary sale and this outfit kept me going through numerous hours of walking and shopping. as you know, i love a good kimono and these booties are soooo comfortable i didn't even need to change into my flats!

{kimono {sold out}, similar here // jeans // shoes}

nicole & i are heading off to a 3 day country music festival on friday so be sure to follow us on instagram @taterandtotstyle for updates of what we're up to! oh, and i'm sure you'll see me wearing a kimono {shocking}.


Monday, July 27, 2015

festival style.

this weekend tater and tot take WATERSHED! we are packing up the car and both husbands and heading to a three day country music festival at the gorge. {#watershedorbust}  it's going to be a hundred degrees and we're camping so it should be interesting but we are so excited!

make sure to follow us on instagram @taterandtotstyle to follow along on our adventure!

and yes, we have already started packing our bags in anticipation!

in honor of our weekend we put together some key festival essentials that will most definitely be packed!


1. purse
2. romper
4. tank
6. dress
9. hat

tater and tot

Friday, July 24, 2015


with so much going on in our daily lives, sometimes the last think we want to think about is what we are going to wear. this is where i hope nicole & i have helped, but even as a fashion blogger, we too sometimes get stumped, or tired, or lazy. i for one have been burning the wick on both ends lately. i feel like summer tends to do that to us, especially when it stays light out until almost 10pm! with that being said, sometimes the simplest outfit makes me the happiest. a great white tank, some cut off shorts and a cardigan is pretty simple for me, but sometimes i feel the sexiest {and i think men will agree} when i keep it simple. of course, i had to add a red lip for some extra flare!

{similar sunnies // cardi: free people //  shorts}


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

snoqualmie falls.

yesterday me and the hubs finally had a day off together so we decided to be tourists in our own city. we made the forty minute drive outside of seattle to the beautiful snoqualmie falls which is a 268 foot high waterfall. it was amazing and the view was breathtaking.

they have a hotel at the top of the waterfall that you can stay in which if you ever visit from out of town i would definitely look into that {salish lodge}. since we weren't staying there we decided to grab a drink in the bar which was beautiful and overlooked the waterfall.

it was a great little escape out of the city for the day and on the way home we stopped at the golf course to hit a few balls. let's just say the wpga won't be calling me anytime soon!

{jeans / tank / shoes}


{i got thirsty}

{hoping my beer would help me hit the ball didn't}


Monday, July 20, 2015

just can't get enough.

omg you guys, it's been 90 degrees here in seattle and i think we may all melt {literally}. we are SO not cut out for this {cue violin music now} but it's also a nice change of a pace and we will take the sun whenever we get it. with that being said, the only thing i can possibly stand to put on to spend a day outside are cotton printed shorts. thank god they are all the rage right now. i just found these cuties at forever 21 and i have pretty much lived in them for the past few weeks and probably will all summer. and because of that, i purchased a couple more pairs for variety!

{shorts: forever 21 // top: target // sandals: dolce vita from nordstrom rack // other printed short options i'm loving here and here}


Friday, July 17, 2015

n-sale favorites.

it's over favorite sale of the year and we are sharing all of the items on our wish list that are sure to update any fall wardrobe {and the best part is most of these can be used now!} we may or may not be wishing the leaves were changing, the weather was getting a bit colder and it was time to bundle up with our starbucks and blanket scarf {i know, be careful what you wish for}.

nsale picks

happy shopping, dolls!

tater & tot