Wednesday, July 22, 2015

snoqualmie falls.

yesterday me and the hubs finally had a day off together so we decided to be tourists in our own city. we made the forty minute drive outside of seattle to the beautiful snoqualmie falls which is a 268 foot high waterfall. it was amazing and the view was breathtaking.

they have a hotel at the top of the waterfall that you can stay in which if you ever visit from out of town i would definitely look into that {salish lodge}. since we weren't staying there we decided to grab a drink in the bar which was beautiful and overlooked the waterfall.

it was a great little escape out of the city for the day and on the way home we stopped at the golf course to hit a few balls. let's just say the wpga won't be calling me anytime soon!

{jeans / tank / shoes}


{i got thirsty}

{hoping my beer would help me hit the ball didn't}


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