Friday, August 21, 2015

how to get beach waves.

we get a lot of comments on our beach waves so we thought we would share a little tutorial with you all! if you have longer hair, this may take you a bit longer, but we promise it won't disappoint and our trick may surprise you!

step 1. invest in a curling wand {we love them much better than curling irons because of the waves they create}.

step 2: separate hair into sections. make sure your hair is straight before you use the wand. if you have naturally wavy hair, then run a straightening iron through it first. i know, seems crazy, but for some reason the wand works better with straight hair and helps eliminate any unwanted frizz. {it's best if your hair is washed the previous day, but it will still work if it's freshly washed}.

step 3: on the left side of your hair, hold the wand pointed down and curl the hair around the wand working towards your face. only hold for 3-4 seconds {it can burn your hair if it gets too hot, so be careful}.


step 4: let go of the wave and pull down on it to create more of a wave, than bouncy curl. repeat until entire hair is done, lightly hair spray and go! side note: on the right side make sure to use your left hand to wrap curls around so you can hold with your right {being that your right handed} and wrap away from your face with the wand still pointed down.

the best part about this can be entered to win a FREE curling wand from Nume Products, valued at $149 by entering our giveaway on instagram! deets are below.

  • have your three friends follow us also {all three friends you tag must follow us to be entered}
  • winner will be announced monday 8/24!
hope you all have a great weekend!!!

tater and tot


  1. YES! I love your beach waves!! You're so good at them!!

  2. I love my curling wand! I use it more than my regular iron now

    1. Brittany, me too! It's way better than the iron! xo.