Thursday, September 10, 2015

DIY art project.

this past weekend my mother in law and i went antique shopping and of course made some amazing purchases!

while out i found this perfectly simple sign that i instantly fell in love and knew it would be perfect in my kitchen. in my head i had already bought the sign. it was a done deal. i then looked at the price tag and saw that it was $59. for a sign. made of wood. i couldn't believe it. i was still in love with it so the justifications set in. then my mother in law stepped in and pretty much told me i was crazy to buy that when we could easily make it. i still wasn't convinced about that so i tried to convince her that i should have it. anyways, she won. off to hobby lobby we went where we gathered all the supplies and i made my own sign for $8. saving me $51.

when deciding what color i wanted i went back and forth of course and then after landing on a color i  decided that i wanted to do a crackle paint to go with the wood and make it look old looking while adding texture. and then again looked at the price of the crackle paint and realized it would cost me double to go that route. instead we stood in the middle of the paint aisle, pulled up google and typed in how to make crackle paint and found a you tube video and went from there.

im so happy with how it turned out and i love the pop of color it adds to the kitchen. this crackle trick is genius. you can do this with any wording you want. im thinking "drink" for our bar cart next!

  • paper mache letters
  • white glue
  • wood glue
  • wood
  • acrylic paint {any color}
  • paint brush

the inspiration.

step one.
apply a generous amount of glue. then spread evenly throughout the section.



 step two.
immediately after spreading the glue apply the paint right on top of the glue. no need to wash out the brush. just apply it straight onto the glue and spread evenly.

step three.
 if you are patient you can skip this step. i on the other hand am impatient and needed to dry it right away to see if it actually was working. so we took a blow dryer to each section to dry it. and it literally cracks right before your eyes.

 step four.
the wood. this is where you can have some free reign. i was lucky enough that my in laws have a ton of extra wood laying around so i was able to pick the oldest looking piece i could find and my father in law cut it for me. and because i love creating extra work i had him do a more jagged edge because i didn't want the ends to look too perfect. (to each their own...keep the edges straight if you like, and use any color/style of wood that works for you!}

once the wood is cut to the right size, we glued the two pieces together with wood glue and let it sit overnight.

step five.
after the wood dried. we measured the letters so that it was placed evenly. and used the wood glue to secure the letters. let it dry and bam an $8 homemade sign!