Friday, September 18, 2015

shop style.

there are SO many different shopping website now a days it can be overwhelming to know where to go to shop online. we thought we would share one of our favorites called ShopStyle! it's a one stop shop for all your fashion needs.

how it works:
sign up online and download the ShopStyle app.
it will ask for your email and instagram account.
once you are signed up, you can link your 5 favorite brands so that every time you log in it will show you the newest arrivals.
you can shop by retailer, brand and even category like shoes, accessories, beauty etc.
you can create lists and "heart" your favorite items so they are saved in an archive for you to reference any time...and the best part is they will alert you any time an item in your list goes on sale!
every time you like a photo on instagram it will send links to each item directly to your email!

{when you add your favorite brands, this is what pops up on your tailored shop}

{when you add a specific item to your favorites or a list, this is how you can view them}

so what are you waiting for...sign up for ShopStyle now and make sure to swing by our page for links on where to buy all items on our blog posts ;)

jenna & nicole

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