Friday, September 25, 2015

wheat belly.

so you know when you have a bad break-up, but months later you look back and realize it was for the best? yeah, that's what happened with me and gluten. we broke up. and we are never ever getting back together.

someone gave me the book "wheat belly" years ago but i never actually read it {i started to but i am easily distracted}. i always wanted to try and go without gluten but it took someone telling me it was causing me illness to really take it to heart.

back in june after we returned from our honeymoon i started feeling really sick. pretty much every time i ate i would get horrible acid reflux and immediately get bloated and uncomfortable. i knew this was not normal even though i had suffered through stomach issues pretty much my entire life. so i finally pulled the plug and decided to go see a nutritionist. what she told me was mind boggling. i was literally making myself sick to my stomach and it was 100% my fault.

she had me keep a 2 week food journal, do a couple self tests at home to check my temp, etc. and fill out a very lengthy questionnaire about my symptoms. after reading through my sheets she already had a pretty good idea what was wrong before i even met with her for the consultation. she asked if anything had changed in my diet recently and i said no, but i did mentioned i had just gotten back from a 2 week trip to europe where i consumed an insane amount of pasta, pizza and bread. she immediately told me i most likely had a gluten intolerance {not to be confused with celiac disease}. basically i can't digest it properly so it sits in my stomach for a unhealthy amount of time. she suggested i go sans gluten for 30 days and have a fruit, veggie and protein with all three meals of the day. 30 days later i noticed a HUGE difference, i did not have a single stomach ache, my bloating went away almost immediately and i just felt so much better in all aspects of my body. 

it's now been almost 3 months and i can honestly say i don't miss bread at all {and bread was literally my favorite food before}. there are so many gluten free options these days, although i try not to eat too many things that are without gluten as they tend to replace other ingredients in them such as sugar. but when i'm craving a pizza, there are literally 3 restaurants in my neighborhood that serve gluten free crust. and cooking is so much fun, too because i am trying all new recipes and realizing that i don't need a carb with every meal, that protein and veggies satisfy me just as much.

so today, i'm sharing one of my favorite go to meals. i will be sharing my gluten free recipes occasionally here and on instagram so stay tuned!

1 package italian chicken sausage {still in the casing}
1 yellow bell pepper
1 bag of brussel sprouts
1 zucchini
2 small cloves garlic
any bottle of your favorite vinaigrette {there are a ton from trader joe's that are delish and all different flavors} 

one: cook the sausage in a skillet with light oil until golden brown
two: remove from pan, add in cut up veggies and season with salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you like
three: add the sausage back in and sautee all together
four: top with vinaigrette of your choice
five: optional, add spinach, argula or quinoa to change it up

have a fab weekend!



  1. I will totally eat gluten free with you next week. I have been having strange issues with it lately, too! And dairy!