Thursday, October 29, 2015

the ultimate treasure hunt.

a couple weekends ago while shopping at our favorite treasure hunt destination {the nordstrom rack} I stumbled upon this amazing pink leather rebecca minkoff jacket. did I go in there looking for a pink leather jacket? no! did I need to buy anything new? no! but when you find something this one of a kind, you can't let it pass you by. it was way more $ than I wanted to spend that day, but it was also 40% off the original price! and honestly, since I've purchased it, I've worn it a ton and it went all over nor cal with me over the weekend...can you say price per wear!? I love it when that happens, and that's why we call ourselves 'the style hunters'.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

how to grow your blog.

are you thinking about starting a blog, or have started one, but aren't sure about how to proceed? well, our friend ashten, and fellow blogger over at just go left has some amazing tips on how to increase your blog audience. she is our biggest fan and one of our favorite people, so her advice is not only trusted, but has been a huge help to us throughout our blogging journey! check out her amazing tips below!

4 WAYS TO GROW YOUR BLOG: by Ashten from Just Go Left
Because you're awesome, and people need to know about you!

I always think of Wednesday like I think of a glass filled halfway with water: we’re either halfway to the weekend or we’re only halfway through the week…either way, just keep going friends! We’re almost there! 

My name is Ashten and I’m the lifestyle blogger behind Just Go Left. I started Just Go Left in August of this year, but it’s not my first blog, not by a long shot. I’ve started (and subsequently stopped) a few blogs over the years, but I recently started a new chapter in my life and got serious about wanting to tell my story, and Just Go Left was born!

Just Go Left is a love letter to living my best life. Not just because I not-so-secretly want to be Oprah, but because I believe through the ups and downs of life we are given the choice to "go left" when things don't go right. Let me be honest: my life isn't perfect and I often feel like I'm living in chaos, but I've learned to embrace the mess as well as my imperfections and I choose to thrive. 

Jenna, Nicole and I met through my boyfriend Kyle, and I’m convinced we’re kindred spirits.  We recently visited them in Seattle and had the best time exploring the city and drinking Fireball at the Seahawks tailgate together {read more about that here}. If there was an Olympics for hostessing I’m convinced they would take gold.

Recently, I moderated a panel discussion with four popular fashion bloggers { read post here} and learned a lot about how to grow your audience and create community on your blog. Today, I’m sharing some of that wisdom with five ways to grow your blog!

Content is King.
 I cannot emphasize this enough. Your readership will grow if you post consistently and your content is well-written. This means you pick the days you want to post (I recommend you start with 3 days and go up from there), and stick to it. Be consistent with your posting and stick to your schedule: don’t go posting on a random Tuesday if that’s not the president you’ve set with your readers!  I also say that it’s not necessarily the story you tell, but the way you tell it. It really helps to be able to find the humor or the heartache in an everyday situation. And my post important piece of advice in this category? Don’t write to engage people: write and people will engage. Good writing, well thought out content is what readers love. And trust me, if you build it, they will come. 

Engage with other bloggers.
This one is also essential to your success as a blogger. How do you grow in your career without networking? It’s the same in blogging. If you want to gain readers you need to read other blogs. If you like something a blogger writes, TELL THEM! We all want to hear feedback on our posts; that’s why we write them! If you have questions about something one of your favorite bloggers posted, ASK THEM! Bloggers love receiving emails and many of them will get right back to you and be so excited to hear from you: most bloggers are really nice. You don’t have to leave elaborate comments on every single post; just a simple “I loved this post and totally related to it” will often do the trick! You love getting comments, so return the favor to some of your favorite bloggers! You may make some new friends.

Social Media.
This one is a BEAST, so I'm going to bullet point it to make it easier to read. First things first: your blog should have a consistent brand from the header on your homepage to your social media link: they should all match. You shouldn’t have your Twitter name be different than your blog name, which is different from your Instagram name. How will I find you? Pick your blog style and stick to it. Be consistent all the way through so your readers have an easier time finding you. Make sure you have a separate email for your blog that also matches your blog name. It’s confusing if I’m reading your blog but emailing
     Schedule your blog post tweets using Hootesuite or Buffer. I probably overly tweet my blog links but I feel like Twitter moves quickly and I want to make sure I get my post out there to my readers.
     Use Twitter and Instagram to network with other bloggers. Don’t just tweet your links and post your pics, be social with your other blogger friends!
      Make sure you belong to Blog Lovin’: A lot of people like to read their blogs using Blog Lovin’. Personally, I never use Blog Lovin’ but get a lot of traffic from it.
     Have a Pinterest board for your blog and pin your posts to it daily, if you want. My fashion blogging panel friends said a majority of their traffic comes from Pinterest.

Be Yourself.
I attended a seminar by an awesome business blogger and she said one of the truest things I’ve ever heard about blogging: you are a brand. Once you’ve defined what that looks like for you, embrace it and use it to tell your story. For example: I love coffee and my dog and you’ll see that ALL OVER my blog. I’m 100% myself on my blog: I write like I talk, I use humor and sarcasm as much as I would in everyday life and because I do that, I have a readership that truly “knows” me. Bloggers can sniff out fakeness like nobody’s business. Be your fabulous self and your charisma and amazingness with radiate from the screen.

I hope this helps you start an amazing, engaged community on your blog! If you have any questions or want some more advice on how to grow your blog, you can contact me HERE!

we hope you enjoyed these tips from ashten! make sure to stop by and say can also follow her on all of her social media outlets below :)  

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