Thursday, October 29, 2015

the ultimate treasure hunt.

a couple weekends ago while shopping at our favorite treasure hunt destination {the nordstrom rack} I stumbled upon this amazing pink leather rebecca minkoff jacket. did I go in there looking for a pink leather jacket? no! did I need to buy anything new? no! but when you find something this one of a kind, you can't let it pass you by. it was way more $ than I wanted to spend that day, but it was also 40% off the original price! and honestly, since I've purchased it, I've worn it a ton and it went all over nor cal with me over the weekend...can you say price per wear!? I love it when that happens, and that's why we call ourselves 'the style hunters'.

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  1. Ahh it's THE JACKET!

    Pretty sure I was the one who spotted it. Yup, taking full credit for it hahahaha!!

  2. Amazing jacket! xo.

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