Monday, November 9, 2015

black. black. and more black.

{jacket / dress / shoes - sold out}


{bar necklace / layering necklaces}


three reasons why i love this dress. 

1. its black
2. it has pockets
3. its the opposite of form fitting

i'm always down for an all black look, but this dress is the epitome of simple which is why it's so cool. and it's also no surprise that black is probably my favorite color, behind gold of course and welp i combined the too for this look. i love layering necklaces which suits this dress perfectly because that pop of gold really comes out against the black back drop. 

searching for a new faux leather jacket? this is seriously THE BEST faux leather jacket. i have worn it so much that i need to buy a new one to replace it in order to freshen it up a bit. i particularly love this one for work because it has more of the structured look instead of my usual moto style which is better to dress things up.

happy monday!


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