Wednesday, November 11, 2015

uniqlo launch party.

last thursday, we were invited to the vip pre-opening event of uniqlo in bellevue square mall. we didn't know much about the brand except that it was big in asia and they had quite a few stores in LA/NY, but had never really spent much time in the store. this is the first store in the state of washington so there was a lot of buzz around the grand opening. there were drinks, snacks, a live performance by the flavr blue {who were awesome by the way, check them out HERE} and a traditional japanese sake barrel ceremony! and best of all, jermaine kearse, wide receiver for the seahawks was there representing the line, so of course we had to take a pic and introduce ourselves.

ok, now onto the clothes. the store is very organized, bright and HUGE. we were really surprised by how big the space was. since we didn't know a ton about the brand, we weren't quite sure what to expect, but after walking in, we'd say it's a mix of h&m, american apparel and old navy. they have a lot of the same item but it several different colors. it's definitely more core pieces like lightweight jackets, sweaters, leggings, simple sweaters and shirts. i wouldn't say it's our favorite new store, but we did walk away with some great basics like a pair of burgundy jeggings and black joggers. shop more of our favs HERE.

 {barrels filled with sake! it was bomb!}

{filling our bag and testing out the mirrors...duh}
{jermaine kearse left with lots of goodies}
{flavr blue}
{we obviously had to take a picture with him ... mainly to make our husbands jealous!}
all in all, it was such a fun night and we were honored to have been invited! if you haven't been to the store, at least go by and check it out! 

jenna & nicole


  1. Omg this is so fun and you met a Seahawk! Gahhh!!!

    1. Ashten, it was so fun!! too bad you don't live closer, you could have come with ;) xo.