some call it friends. soul sisters. kindred's. sister from another mister. besties. two peas in a pod...we call it tater & tot. 

we are seattle based style hunters who believe that fashion is not about how much money you spend, but how it makes you feel. we're a bit obsessed with shopping. home decor. entertaining. and everything in between {like fireball and tater tots, duh}.

we love where we live. trying new things. and laughing at ourselves. and we can't wait to share it with all of you! 

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well let's just say that jenna's husband wes likes to make fun of us. A LOT...

after an annual trip to leavenworth, wa for oktoberfest we drove home hungover and craving greasy food...shocking. as we pondered what to eat, jenna proceeded to talk about how amazing the tater tots were at a local fast food restaurant. she even went so far as to describe the dipping sauces and the order in which one must dip them to really get the true affect {this is serious business people}.

an hour later as we drove down the highway, all we could talk about were those damn tots. wes looked back at us in disbelief that we were still talking about it and started his sentence with "tater and tot back there..." and within minutes, tater & tot was born. 

he now loathes the day he ever said that, because we take full advantage of making our presence known wherever we go. and we love to throw it in his face because "tater and tot know everything".

thanks for stopping by!

tater & tot